Lady Panthers Light Up Shadow Ridge


by Jordyn Selznick, Sports Editor

The last home game of the season was amazing with our lady Panthers win. Tonight was senior night for the girls and this win was well deserved.

The first quarter started off slowly. Three minutes in and there were no movements and no touchdowns for either team. With 6:50 left on the clock #1 of the Shadow Ridge Mustangs scored a touchdown. This only fueled the Panthers, and the team’s offense grew stronger after this touchdown.

The Mustangs scored the extra point until a holding call against the offense. Then, a 10 yard penalty was held against the Panthers with only 2:55 left on the clock.

But this didn’t shake the panthers.

After the first quarter, the score was 7-0 Mustangs.

Then the second quarter started and right away at 14:50 our panthers scored a well deserved touchdown by our own Mya Boykin.

Then an extra point earned Kayla Scheer with 14:00 left on the clock.

The score was 7-7 at the second quarter with 13:50 left on the clock. There was no action the rest of the second quarter. The two minute warning was called and the defense was doing their work!

The halftime score was 7-7, a tie between the two teams, but the Panthers came out of halftime with a thirst for glory.

Third quarter was under way and with 10 minutes in there was still no change in the score.

After third quarter, the score was still a steady 7-7.

The fourth quarter kick-started when Mya Boykin at 7:30 minutes in scored an incredible touchdown.

The score then was an exciting 13-7 Panthers.

The extra point was then scored by Emily Allan making the newest fourth quarter score, 14-7 Panthers.

Allan said “The game went really well for senior night because we all worked as a team.” The girls worked very well together throughout the whole game and when there was only 2 minutes remaining our Panthers held back the Mustangs.

Senior night ended with success when our Panthers beat the Mustangs 14-7.  “The game was a little hectic in the beginning but it sure felt great to win in the end,” said senior Madison Hearn.

The last home game was truly one to remember. I’m very proud of our girls!

Go Panthers!