Steps to a Spontaneous Trip


by Rhiannon Belanger, Junior Editor

February 1st of this year myself and a few other kids that work on the Palo Verde newspaper took a trip to San Francisco. We were to take a 12 hour bus trip there and back. As fun as it was, I learned a few things about how to have a fun and safe trip in the future.

  1. Make sure at least one responsible adult has an understanding of the shenanigans about to go down. If something would have happened I don’t know what we would’ve done if our families weren’t informed ahead of time.
  2. The buddy system- Make sure you are with someone at all times. It’s not safe for girls or boys. Trips are no fun anyways without friends or family.
  3. Look up the weather ahead of time, being too cold or too hot will definitely make the trip less fun.
  4. Bring more money than you need or you think you’ll need. Accidents happen and it would be rough to be stuck in a place you’ve never been.
  5. Make sure everyone in the group knows where they are spending the night as well as the first destination. You can figure everything else when you get there for more spontaneity, but make sure you have someplace to go to begin with.
  6. Don’t start drama. We’re in high school, let loose, be kind and have fun!
  7. Don’t overpack, think carefully about the outfit you want to wear and stick with it. Don’t bring 10 different outfits. You’re probably going to shop so save as much space as possible.
  8. Don’t underpack. If it’s winter bring a jacket even if you think you can handle it. Or and extra pair of shorts. Bring toiletries as well because after a long day of touresting you are going to feel gross.
  9. Bring portable chargers! By the end of the trip if your phone is dead, you are not going to want to go home to screaming parents.
  10. Don’t wear new/nice shoes. For your feet’s sake, look for stability over style.
  11. Don’t complain about every little thing. That’s a quick way to lose friends. If you are miserable, don’t make everyone else miserable too.
  12. Don’t do anything illegal even if you don’t think you’ll get caught. It’s just not worth it.
  13. Bring water. It’ll keep you hydrated and can save your money by not buying drinks at every restaurant.
  14. Take lots of pictures. You’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take.
  15. Communicate with your parents throughout the trip to prove responsibility.
  16. Have fun! This is what being a teenager is about!