Apple’s FaceTime Bug

by Bailey Uzzardo, Senior Editor

Recently, Apple has come out with new technology allowing people to have group facetime calls. At first, everything seemed fine with the new update, but then people started to notice some unpleasant features.

Apparently, when a person went to make a facetime call, they could listen in, hear, and see the person they were calling even before the other had answered the call.

This bug temporarily allowed those making a facetime call to unintentionally spy on whoever they were calling.

According to Engadget “Grant Thompson and his mother, Michele spent more than a week trying to contact Apple but didn’t make much progress with the company while trying to report the bug.”

The 14-year-old boy apparently discovered the bug on January 20 when attempting to make a group facetime call.

Since then, Apple has disabled the new group facetime feature and is trying to fix the problem.