Meet Our New 2019 Softball Team!


by Jordyn Selznick, Sports Editor

Our new 2019 lady panthers softball team was announced this week and we are thrilled to see how amazing this team will do this season.

“I’m ecstatic for the upcoming softball season and I’m loving my new teammates. I am loving my new fun and sweet teammates. I just know playing with them this season will be the best,” said Senior Maddison Hearn.

Last season, our girls were champions in the Northwest League of Nevada with winning 30 games and only losing 9  games.

The head coach, Kelly Glass is thrilled to be starting the season with such amazing girls.

“I think this season is going to go very well, i’m very excited for this new team. We have a lot of new faces, but we also have some veterans that are ready to lead the way,” said Glass.

When finding out the girls made the team, the girls got gift bags that included a lot of goodies including chips, candy, a water bottle, hand sanitizer, tissues, and much more.

“I was so happy that Coach Glass went out of her way to surprise the girls who made the team with these cute gift bags, I’m so excited for this season with my new team,” said Freshmen Rylee O’Neal.

We’re all very excited to see how this amazing team does this season.

Good Luck Panthers!

Here’s our new 2019 Softball Team


Lauren Ray

Serina McKinnon

Lily Exley

Abbie Millman

RenaMae DeLa Cruz

Jayde Kearnes

McKenna Trenton

Annalise Hack

Giana Giron

Rylee O’Neal

Amaya Johnson

Jordyn Rubel

Leah Leeds

Brooke Ellis


Alexis Millsop

Erin Hurst

Jenna Kaye

Kiffyn Andreasen

Eliana Watson

Kendall Menke

Alyssa Maillaro

Ridlee Tavisora

Camden Zahn

Alyssa Lybbert

Madelyn Quigley

Sianna Lewis

Jadyn Navarro

Maddison Hearn