Jonas Brothers’ Sucker review


by Mackenzie Khamvongsa, Junior Editor

Oh, how the tables have turned! After a long six years, the Jonas Brothers have officially ended their hiatus. Releasing their first single as a reunited group, “Sucker” has shocked fans only leaving a craving for more.

The music video features colorful, opulent scenes of all Jonas brothers and their significant others at a lavish palace as they sing about being a “sucker” for their women.

The line “I am a sucker for all the subliminal things no one knows about you,” truly sums up just how each of the Jonas’ feel about their special loved one, only adding a true, love spin on the upbeat, catchy tune.

As a surprise drop on the whole world, the Jonas brothers have not failed to ignite fans with excitement. The song is the perfect combination of a sweet and sour pop-rock tune tributing their first go at a band.

Finding a love for the band around 2008 due to Camp Rock, only made their return more special with adding on to their playlist of feel-good tunes and bops. The song displays the ability to reshape themselves musically with a new, fresh sound, ditching the heartbroken and sad boy tune.

The opening scenes of the music video features the brothers wearing eye-catching entities of a red, unique suit jacket for Kevin, all red clothing for Nick, and a classic black jacket topped on a turtleneck for Joe. Throughout the video, each couple gets a chance to hold the spotlight before they all come together for a painted portrait in which they pose for.

As if the song itself was not enough, James Corden is hosting a dedicated a week to the Jonas Brothers on The Late Late Show. Now, excited fans get to anticipate an episode of Corden’s famous “carpool karaoke” for the band.

While the break was long to bear, the response and comeback was well worth the wait and “Sucker” only hinted at future music that will continue to shock the fans.