Mr. Panther 2019

by Alexandria Margo, News Editor

Mr. Panther was on Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30 pm in the theatre. The show opened up with all the agents dancing to the 007 intro song, “Keke Do You Love Me,”“Pony,” “Pretty Boy Swag,” and “Don’t Stop the Music.”

The Mr. Panther contestants were: Agent Smooth Operator (John Thompson), Agent 1511 (Christian Isi ), Agent Jawnjawnjawn (Sam Johnson), Agent Rubio (Evan Kralick), Agent “Errrr Errrr”(Peyton Cole), Agent Special Agent Oso (Jackson Fife), Agent David Star (Josh Weisbord), Agent Primetime (Karsonne Winters), Agent Eyebrows (Grant Brown), Agent WuTang Lang (Tony Lang), Agent Curly Fry (LeVaunte Blaylock), Agent Ben Ten Outta Ten (Ben Slighting),and lastly Agent Bubbles (Andrew Tingey).

The hosts of the evening were Lily Bradford and Ivy Chipman.

A video, that has the theme of interrogation, of all the contests being asked questions was played. The questions what is your best feature, what’s your favorite movie, and what’s your secret lead to some hilarious answers from the boys, such as Agent 1511’s secret that he has been doing pageants since he was two years old.

After the video, the judges were introduced. The judges were Jillian Lopez, Miranda Lopez (both Palo alum) Kaithlyn Domingo (creator of the “Define Yourself”), and Paige Melanson, who was Ms. Las Vegas 2016, Kopy, who is the coordinator for the High School Jesters Improv League, and SWAT officer Levi Hancock who unfortunately got called into work and couldn’t make it to the show.

After the judges were introduced, the Agents showed off their best pickup lines to Ashna Prabhu. One of the highlights being Agent Primetime dressed as Superman jumping on a trampoline and telling her that tonight he is her man.

Next was the bidding for the boys’ picture and the introduction of the silent auction in the lobby and the prizes that the audience could win which included: a photography session, a private yoga trainer, a movie basket, a free retainer, a haircut and color, pop drinks, Fabulous Freddy’s car washes, one hope wine and more.

Agent Smooth Operator sang “Loving is Easy” by Rex Orange County.

Then Agent 1511 dances the funny well known Napoleon Dynamite dance.

After that performance, Agent Jawnjawnjawn takes the stage and plays the piano.

Next came a shocking act as the audience watched in amazement as Agent Rubio shaved all his hair off.

After that came the strangest performance of the entire show. Agent “Errrr Errrr” and Agent Special Agent Oso along with two of their friends and spat water like a fountain and food towards the audience and at each other, all while an orchestra version of “My Heart Will Go On” played.

After that, it was the intermission.

I talked to Agent Rubio (Evan Kralick) about his experience in the show he said: “his favorite part has been getting closer to all of the other guys because we have spent a lot of time together.”

Agent Eyebrows, Agent PrimeTime, Agent Wutang Lang, and Agent David Star performed a synchronized “swim” routine.

Agent Curly Fry sang “All I Want” by Kodaline.

Then Agent Ben Ten Outta Ten rapping “The Baddest” by Froggy Fresh.

Agent Bubbles and his friend Cooper wore tutus and danced together balancing a beach ball to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.

The winners of the picture and auction items were announced.

All the Agents walked on stage with a girl on their arm.

Agent Smooth Operator with Marissa Cribbs, Agent 1511 with Maddy Appleyard, Agent Jawnjawnjawn with Sophie Malice , Agent Rubio with Abbey Hoogland, Agent “Errrr Errrr” with Lexi Stagg, Agent Special Agent Oso with Ashna Prabhu, Agent David Star with Kylie Thompson, Agent Primetime with Claire Hancock, Agent Eyebrows with Summer Woods, Agent WuTang Lang with Valeria Salazar, Agent Curly Fry with Kenna Johnson, Agent Ben Ten Outta Ten with Haylie Pullan, and Agent Bubbles with Peyton Bengston.

The final contestants Agent Bubbles, Agent Curly Fry, Agent WuTang Lang, Agent Smooth Operator, and Agent Primetime were asked to describe their dream date and the usual if you were stuck on an island what would you bring question.

Second runner up was Agent Bubbles and the first runner up was Agent WuTang Lang.

The new Mr.Panther of 2019 is Agent Primetime (Karsonne Winters)!

Mr. Panther was truly “about the journey and not the destination,” stated Agent 1511 (Christian Isi).

Mr. Panther was a very entertaining show and a brilliant return of a Palo tradition.