ACT Week

by Marshae Smith, Entertainment Editor

Recently, juniors from schools from all over the CCSD district have taken an important test called the ACT’s. Other grades were scheduled not to attend school on March 12, 2019, which was when the ACT’s took place.

I took the time to interview many people on how they were feeling about the test, and many had alot to say.

My friends from different schools were struggling with their preparedness with this test. It wasn’t surprising being that this test definitely put alot of its weight on us due to the fact that it was made for high schoolers who wanted to go to college.

We were graded a certain amount of points for each test which included four parts. It contained English, a writing portion, Science and Math. For many, math was the hardest section to tackle.

“I only got to question 10 before the timer went up for math,” says a student who would like to remain anonymous.

Each portion of the test was timed, and they unfortunately didn’t give us alot of time either.

“I went to the ACT bootcamp and I still had a hard time. Hopefully I can retake it again next year,” says another student.

I would say that the teachers tried their best to prepare their students with the ACT’s, and many students were grateful for that.