The Green New Mess


by Eli Duncan, Editor-in-Chief

The Democrats started by reaching their hands into our pockets for more money to recklessly spend, now they want to reach into our homes and take away our hamburgers, cars, and air travel. Say goodbye to your money and vacation plans, and say hello to the Green New Deal

In an effort to combat climate change, the radical left, headed by Rep, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts outlined one of the most radical and expensive to end the climate change apocalypse.

What they seem to want to ignore is that China, the leader in emitting pollutants into the air, releases more carbon dioxide than the United States and European Union combined. Or that countries in Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China pour more plastic into the ocean than the rest of the world. Instead, these politicians are ideologues that want to push a radical agenda without thinking of the American people and only thinking of themselves and the power they can gain from it.

Forget that China opens a new coal plant every week on average, instead let’s destroy get rid of the airplane industry and the jobs that come with it.

The Green New Deal is nothing more than a power grab that is aimed at a pseudoscience that is far from unsettled. Many climate scientists say that the earth is entering a cooling phase and that enviro almarmists should not overplay the effects of carbon dioxide has on the atmosphere.

The earth has alway gone through cooling and heating phases. A rapid heating of the earth caused one of, if not the largest mass extinction event 252 million years ago killing no less than ⅔ of all terrestrial life and 96% of all marine life. Humans could not have caused that.

On top of a global heating periods, there have been five ice ages, the first one being 2 billion years ago and the latest one going on today. We are currently in an interglacial period that began around 11,000 years ago. The idea that climate change (remember when it was global warming?) is entirely man-made is nothing more than fear mongering. Sure, mankind has contributed but this warming period has begun long before the industrial revolution, to be exact, over 11,000 years before the first gas powered car hit the road.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey play on the fears and created this expensive and radical deal. Cortez herself said we only have 12 years before the world ends. In 2012, we called doomsday preppers insane. Today, we elect them to our government.

So what does the Green New Deal cost?

Some conservative estimates put it at costing the American people $50 trillion, but more place it costing the taxpayers $93 trillion, more than the global GDP of 2017 which hovered around $70 trillion. For a quick breakdown, this would force a 100% tax on anyone making $30,000 a year or less. Now, that would not happen. The rich would, in theory, be the ones getting taxed. But the rich stay rich by not spending money so you can expect the richest of Americans to pack their bags and move, forcing the middle and lower classes to foot the bill.

That is on a national level. State by state is a different issue. Hawaii relies heavily on tourism. You can’t swim there and you certainly can’t walk there. You can fly or take a boat, but only before the Green New Deal goes through. Once that goes through, there will not be anymore oil to run these planes and boats. So you should get your tropical vacations in now before you can not go ever again.

Cortez does not care about the bill and what it will cost by not only a state by state basis, but a person to person basis. Much like her socialist friend Bernie Sanders, they will take the money from anyone as long as it is not theirs. $93 trillion is a small amount when you are not the one footing the bill.

Let’s stray to a hypothetical situation and say that the Green New Deal passes and it makes the United States into utopia where everyone is rich and puppies are given to every newborn. Emissions from the United States are now at 0%. Planes and cars are “green” (green vehicles are not actually green) and we are able to travel the country by train.

The effects of “manmade climate change” will still run wild with China emitting more pollutants than the rest of the world by that point and the countries listed above still dumping plastic into our oceans. So sure, let us go and destroy America’s economy and innovation and prove Trump right. Let China, an oppressive and secretive state, run the world over the United States.

There are two simple facts to the matter of the Green New Deal.

  1. We would be the only country following this legislation. Much like the New Deal presented by FDR, this is only for the United States to follow. China and Russia do not have to follow this rule that limits the potential for the growth of the United States economy. With the United States limited to only “green” electronics and vehicles, the United States can say goodbye to its global superpower status. That will move to China who will implement both “green” and “dirty” electronics and vehicles to advance their ever growing economy.
  2. The second fact is a simple one. The government has no right to tell me how to live my life. If I want to eat red meat and red meat only for the rest of my life, the government can not say otherwise. We were founded almost 250 years ago based on that fact. The Green New Deal is clear overreach of governmental power and makes the federal government larger than it should be.

There is a clear issue with global climate change, but calling it entirely man-made is a blatantly ignorant take. For billions of years the earth has gone through climate changes of different proportions. Sure, man has had a terrible effect but at the end of the day, the earth has final say. If it sees us not fit to inhabit it, the earth will do what it has to do to get rid of us. We are playing a dangerous game trying to stop the earth from doing a natural process.

I am all for creating a world where it is cleaner and healthier for future generations to enjoy, I donate and volunteer to conservation efforts, but the Green New Deal is not something that can realistically work in a technological and globalist world.

We cannot allow a 29-year-old socialist with “big ideas” run the next decade of our country. She will make the country go broke and lose its place on the world stage.

The United States not being top dog in the world will have disastrous effects in itself.