The Green New Deal will Save the Planet

The Green New Deal will Save the Planet

by Michelle Trajtman, Opinions Editor

“12 years.” A warning issued in the Fall of 2018, leading scientists affiliated with the EPA, United Nations, and WWF all cautioned the world that if not improved within this deadline, the modern extent of pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and man-made environmental change would cause an irreparable environmental impact.

This cautionary 4,380-day deadline has become a polemic of exceptional significance in economic and political climates the world over.  While it is well known that the irreparability of the impact of global climate change would cause ecological devastation hitherto unimagined, feckless prigs such as U.S President Donald Trump denounce the existence of the imminent threat and choose to ignore the fate of the entire world as we know it with dangerous insouciance.  

A heavily debated plan to recover Earth’s devastated natural state is the Green New Deal.  While many opposing this bill call it ‘too radical’ or extortionate, the fatuous brouhaha of those who are not willing to take responsibility for the fate of our world is severely vitiated upon even a prefatory glance at the veritable facts that show that action must be taken to save the world and the human race.

So what exactly is the Green New Deal? The Green New Deal is a congressional resolution that outlines a plan to tackle the problems our world is facing due to climate change. It was introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who has been a controversial voice for the radical left in this recent political climate. Alongside AOC is Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts. This proposal calls on the federal government to disaffect the United States from fossil fuels and decrease the amount of gas emissions that gradually are warming our planet.

This issue is not only for our government officials to take a vote on and forget about. This is a drastic and complex matter that will be affecting not only current generations but future ones as well. The youth have gathered to fight this situation and numbers of supporters continue to grow. It goes without saying that this is a real issue that’s affecting real lives. If the adults responsible won’t do anything to combat this, you can count on the youth to show up and fight for what they want.

Just within a couple of months and with less than $1 million raised, the Sunrise Movement has become an extremely powerful voice in this climate debate. Passionate youth have come together to fight this issue affecting them first hand. This deal is what’s necessary to ensure a safe future for young generations who will have to live with these changing conditions.

The Green New Deal is exceptionally crucial as it focuses on making the United States take responsibility for its status as a worldwide leading producer of carbon emissions, especially as it is one of two countries not currently a part of the Paris Climate Accords.  The other nation? Nicaragua, which has not only started the process of ratifying due to suffering from droughts but had not joined until now due to financial limitations. If a nation with a GDP nearly 1600 times less than ours (22 trillion USD U. S GDP/14 billion USD Nicaragua GDP) can afford to ratify these accords, there is no reason for America to not do so.  Even those in opposition of the price tag of the Green New Deal would have to be truly misguided to not see the benefits and rational cause to rejoin an organization that brings the global community together in order to save itself.

To truly grasp the raison d’être of climate change reform, it is imperative to know what causes the issue that is so necessary to fix.  In a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide and other gas such as methane are released into the atmosphere.  Trapped within the thermosphere, the gasses cause the energy from the sun to become trapped within the sphere that ordinarily serves to protect the Earth.  With excess heat, the planet undergoes extreme climate change; general warming increases sea levels inducing higher humidity, in turn causing catastrophic hurricanes as barometric pressures are displaced, tornadoes form as air rises and falls, and gelid tempests descend from the poles as additional empyrean energy forces frigid climes towards the equator, chilling everything in their path.  The opposition will cravenly prevaricate away from the truth by turning to the concept of weather cycles, yet even a synoptic detailing of the impact of extreme meteorological change shows that current symptoms are far from natural, with devastating and aberrant climate events threatening environments, economies, and human lives worldwide at an unprecedented scale.

The Green New Deal may be radical to some but who’s to say that radical change isn’t what we need? We need to take all the measures necessary to prevent further catastrophic changes from occurring. The Green New Deal is what we need.