Mrs. Ferrer: Seaworld Adventures


by Bailey Uzzardo and Kayla Faasse

Learning interesting fun facts about teachers is always a good thing, whether it’s to pass time quickly or to avoid doing actual work.

Palo Verde’s marine biology and physics teacher Mrs. Ferrer previously worked at Seaworld for three years before becoming a Panther.

“My degree is in biology and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on in biology which would probably mean go into med school or go into research.”

She graduated from college with a rock solid plan. Over the next six months, with help from a friend, Mrs. Ferrer taught educational courses while training to take the exam to become more involved with the sea animals.

Some of the tests she needed to complete include:

  1. Swimming across an Olympic sized pool with only one breath
  2. Diving to the bottom of the pool to pick up a five to ten-pound weight then resurface and tread water with the weight above the surface of the water for three minutes, failure to do so would result in disqualification
  3. Freestyle a couple of hundred meters
  4. Must be scuba certified with a certain amount of log dives
  5. Speaking presentation
  1. Climb out over the wall
  2. Do twenty-five push-ups
  3. Then start speaking about the anatomy of a whale while controlling your breathing and not blinking too much

Mrs. Ferrer was in the pool with twenty-four different people and only eight made it past the tests including herself.

Although she loved her job, she eventually came to the decision that it was best to quit. She was working two jobs to make sure she was meeting ends meet to pay for her bills and groceries. She was by herself and ending the day off exhausted from working was not ideal, especially when she knew she wanted to start a family some day.

“I like teaching students because I build relationships. I like teaching dolphins because I build relationships as well, but honestly what got me was being in the sun.”

Even though there were some downfalls with working at Seaworld, such as being dragged under the water by the animals, Mrs. Ferrer hasn’t picked her favorite occupation but appreciates both for their separate specialties.

“I would definitely do it again. There’s not one day I would ever take that back. I would do it again.”