Student Spotlight: Blaise Berenato

by Jordyn Selznick, Sports Editor

A very bright light and future shines on Palo Verde’s own Blaise Berenato. Berenato is an active player in the theater program,  past volleyball star, and an independent artist on iTunes. He is truly one in a million, and Palo is grateful to have him. His active involvement in school social life and activities truly makes Blaise Berenato a pleasure to be around.

Blaise Berenato is a senior at Palo Verde High School and is a part of many extracurricular activities at Palo Verde. At Palo, he has been a part of four productions, in which he has been the leading actor or supporting actor. He has also been in a production outside of Palo.

When preparing for his roles he stated that his “methods for preparing for (his) roles is studying the character and finding out the history, accent, body language, age, and really getting the lines down quick so (he) can transform fully into character.”

With this, Berenato shows his excellence within the complex ways of acting.

Berenato has many future plans with acting. He plans on continuing his show business and singing career in college as well as producing commercial music and being apart of many musical theater events.

When on stage, Blaise Berenato is completely in character. He puts his own life on hold for the complete experience of the character he is portraying.

“When I act I don’t really think about anything I would think of, I get into character fully so my thoughts are only of what is going on in the play and what I would do if I really was this character I’m portraying.”

With these amazing acting skills, memorizing lines comes easy to Berenato.

He states that “memorizing lines is part of the whole experience of acting and I’m lucky it comes really easy to me and I can memorize very quickly, and yes I enjoy doing it.”

Recently, Palo Verde’s theater department organized a play called “In the Heights” by Lin Manuel Miranda which was Blaise Berenatos favorite play to be apart of.

In this play, Berenato played the lead role of Usnavi.

“The whole show was so amazing. The music and the story are so rich and beautiful and learning to experience a culture very different from mine was such a fun opportunity,” said Berenato.

With this performance, Blaise was nominated for best actor from The Smith Center awards. If he wins, he gets the opportunity to go to New York City and experience new and different theater programs across the Big Apple.

“I am really proud of what I did and the work I put into the play to have done that well in it, and I am very excited to compete for best actor this may and hopefully, I will win and go to new york city to finish the competition so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been a dream of an experience.”

Blaise Berenato is one of the most talented teenagers I have ever come across in my life. Watching him thrive and become such a young sensation and a talented singer, actor, and overall person truly enhanced my high school experience. Saying goodbye to Berenato as he pursues his future endeavors is very saddening.

I’m very excited to one day walk on the street in a large city and see him on a billboard.

We are going to miss you Blaise, and good luck on the next chapter of your life!

We are so excited to see what you will offer the world around you.