Palo Verde’s New Student Body President

by Zoie Martin, Reporter

The Palo Verde Panthers are starting off to a great new school year. With new amenities, teachers and our newest Student Body President, Sam Truman, we are bound to have a year for the books!  Truman is a senior this year and has been in student council for all four years of high school. As president, Truman has many tasks he must undertake to make this year a successful one.

“One of my major tasks is planning, organizing, advertising, and setting up all school dances. I also have a hand in all spirit events and Student Council fundraisers such as movie nights, pizza in the quad, and the student store. My main priority or ‘job’ is to increase school spirit and unity with the Student Body,” Truman said.

Truman must take on many tasks throughout the year to increase the spirit and the atmosphere of the student body, showing just how big a responsibility the position is. 

So far this year, Truman has already made a difference and new attempt to include more of the student population, with many plans for the upcoming year. This includes the annual Haunted house, schoolwide dances, and a new event available to the student body, monthly yoga! Sam also intends to start a new way to bring school spirit to more students.

Truman says, “I also plan to implement a new way to bring more student body members to spirit and sports events through a school spirit group or ‘squad’.” 

As a majority of students would agree, school spirit is one of the most important aspects of enjoying time in high school and Truman is on the right path to ensure an amazing year.

Ever since Sam was a freshman, he’s dreamt about achieving the position of Student Body President at Palo Verde, a place he feels is safe, accepting and full of school spirit.

“I decided to take on the role of Student Body President because I believe that with the help of other Student Body officers and members of the student council we can make my dream become a reality. I love the spirit our school has and just want to increase it.”

Truman feels each of the previous Student Body Presidents has done an exceptional job and hopes to acquire the many great qualities each have had and to learn from them and better himself.

“I hope to be able to join their ranks and to let their examples and best qualities shine through me. I don’t hope to copy or not stand out, but it would be an honor to be associated with them,” says Sam.

With a full year of new ideas and ways to implement better school spirit, Sam is on his way to becoming one of the leading examples future Student Body Presidents will look up to.