Need help in school? Try Sapience


by Arushi Chamaria, Reporter

As school starts this fall, a new learning center has come out to help the students solve their math problems and excel in school. The center, named Sapience after the quality of being wise, can be the next step in an educational career. Sapience teaches abacus, Vedic maths, and offers homework help for all subjects.

In the real world, some of the Sapience students, Ameek, Asses, Arush, and Aikus, from Challenger and Coral Academy have received extraordinary recognition by being on TV for participating in abacus.

Abacus is an ancient method which was originated by the Chinese to improve math skills. It helps with solving arithmetic equations and is known to be the fastest way to solve any math equation.

“I can’t believe I am only 10 and I have only done 16 classes, and I am already on TV,” Arush said.

The Sapience offers a head start, teaching math courses which will help the students going forward.

Sapience provides real school teachers as tutors, one on one tutoring, and has customized lesson plans based on the individual’s needs. Sapience is much more than just a math and science learning center. They also focus on English, more specifically reading and writing.

The factor that differentiates Sapience from other learning centers is that most tutoring centers only teach concepts, but at Sapience it doesn’t stop at concept teaching. [They] focus on developing their student’s cognitive abilities through a mental math program.

Asees, a student from Sapience, said, “Sapience has helped me improve math skills in school and has made me a better student because of the abacus program.”

They have weekly brain exercise training classes with free workshops including a jewelry workshop, movie night, art, and yoga. These workshops are not only organized for fun but also academic learning. They also offer ACT and SAT prep classes. Sapience is preparing students for success and a brighter future.