Circo Massimo LV: Downtown Summerlin Car Show

by Dejvis Lipo, Reporter

Circo Massimo is an interesting car show that takes place in the Las Vegas Valley. To be exact, it takes place at Downtown Summerlin (down the street from Palo Verde). On August 29, it was taken over by Circo Massimo with incredible cars all around the area. Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis, and Porsches to some JDM classics, and Ford Raptors.

Tyler Gallo who is part of the management team explained that “the purpose of Circo Massimo is to invite families in Vegas to come out and have fun, and inspire those with passion to embrace the community and home that we are in.” He wants to influence people by letting them know that “with an idea and persistence, you can accomplish a lot.” He hosted his first-ever car show when he was just 17.

Today is also a special day as the very new and beautiful Ferrari F8 Tributo is going to make it’s very first public appearance, which hypes up all the car fans around town.  Tyler expressed that “it’s amazing to have the Ferrari F8 Tributo at the car show today, as it makes its first public appearance, this was all thanks to Towbin Motor Cars.” The showcase of the Ferrari F8 Tributo sparks even more interest in the car show.

Circo Massimo was also super exciting as it had many captivating cars to look at. The cars ranged from older GTR models, and Toyota Supras to brand new Ferrari’s and the new Karma GT. When Patrick Mccullagh an attendee was asked about his thoughts on the car show, Mccullagh replied “it has always been a good car show, it has always had a lot of different cars, you have the American muscle, the JDM classics, many European cars, supercars, and drift cars. So the great thing about a car show like this is that it has something from everywhere.”

“At the car show today I have seen a lot of my favorite cars that I grew up loving as a kid, and I also get to talk to lots of people who know a lot of information about cars” explained James Vizzo, who is a worker for Porsche of Las Vegas. James also described that he likes how there are many different cars and designs which make the car show just that much better. It is wonderful to have a variety of cars so that everyone can enjoy the car show.

“The Nissan Pao is definitely my favorite, a really nice Japanese hatchback, and only a small amount was produced” described Gentrit Bajrami, an attendee. Bajrami expressed how this is a perfect car show for him having the new sports cars and then also having a section for the classics in which he favors more.

It wasn’t just the cars that made it a fun time, you had live music playing in the background and some cool people that knew lots of facts about the cars. Whether you are a “car guy” or not, the event has many things to enjoy.

As Tyler said, “This is a community rich cars and culture evening for ‘Our Vegas’ to indulge and be royal.”

It was a fun time looking at the amazing views of Downtown Summerlin, and looking at the supercars, with the setting sun in the background. I really enjoyed attending it as the car show was a hit, I would recommend going to the next one. Tyler is also hopeful that people can come out and join the next one on October 24, 2019, at the very irresistible Downtown Summerlin.