New Palo Tennis Coaches

by Abbie Millman and Adria Wells

With the new 2019-2020 school year at Palo Verde High School, fall sports are starting back up with a few changes. One of these changes focuses on the Palo Verde Varsity tennis team, where new coaches have replaced the former coaches.

Varsity tennis’ new head coach is coach Tyler Marchant, and the new assistant coach is coach Justin Williams. Being the coaches for Palo baseball and basketball, both new coaches have had previous experience coaching.

“The new coaches are really cool. I like coach Tyler a lot, he kind of interacts with the kids more, it’s a really nice change of pace,” said Sebastian Ornelas-Emerick, one of the players on the Palo boys’ tennis team, in reference to coach Marchant. 

When any team gets a new coach, the way that the team thinks of or sees their new coach is extremely important, and greatly impacts the team chemistry. If that team likes their coach, then they are more likely to have better leadership, and a better season overall.

Even with the large change of having two new coaches, the Palo Tennis teams seem to be adjusting well. In fact, most of the students appreciate this change that may have been for the better.

“I really like the new coaches, I really like coach Marchant, I think he’s a great coach… it’s great how he played division one tennis,” says Kate Carvalho, a member of the Palo Verde girls tennis team. 

Kate is one of the many other players who enjoy having the new coaches around. This positive energy circling between everyone creates a better team atmosphere and allows them to work better together as well. 

“It’s a fun group of kids, it seems like everyone works well together. Lots of talent, like talent all over the place” says the Assistant Coach, Justin Williams. 

The coaches and the players have developed a respectful bond between one another already, throughout the time that the new coaches have been working with the teams.

On top of this, the great relationship between the boys/girls tennis teams and coaches can also be seen through their (so far) undefeated season. Surely, something must be going right in order for both teams to reflect this new change so well in their performances.

“I was very fortunate to be able to be placed in this school with such a good tennis program,” said Head Coach, Tyler Marchant, when discussing his adjustment to the program. “I would like to get the girls to state and win because last year they came up short barely at the end. Boys, there is not much room to improve but we are going to Nationals in February so hopefully we win,” he added.

Because the team has a large history of winning and having won so many state championships, the pressure was on for both new coaches, Coach Marchant, and Coach Williams. According to the Palo tennis teams themselves though, this new change has to have been a great adjustment.

Hopefully, we will continue to see these progressive results and wins throughout the rest of the season. With so many players loving the new coaches, it seems that there should be no problem with this.