Varsity Football Steals a Win From The Shadow Ridge Mustangs in Overtime

by Kayla Faasse, Sports Editor

The Panthers have been bringing their best to all of their games this year, and the October 4th game was no different as the boys took home a win against the Shadow Mustangs with a score of 36-35 in overtime for their fifth win of the season.

The Mustangs made the first touchdown of the game halfway through the first quarter. They followed this with a re-advance of the ball into the end zone for a two-point conversion leading the game with a score of 8-0.

Dacen Phister was quick to return the favor running the first touchdown for the Panthers adding six points to the scoreboard.

The second quarter brought another touchdown from Phister who caught a 24 yard pass from quarterback Paul Myro. The Mustangs followed up with a touchdown of their own.

With four minutes left, Zach Moore scored a field goal bringing the game to a tie of 15-15 for halftime. “I’ve kicked so many times, so I know what to do and I just kick it from instinct,” Moore said.

The boys returned to the locker room for halftime to discuss how to improve staying on their blocks, staying on their assigned guy and playing the game smart and confident. The Panthers returned to the field prepared to do just that in the third quarter.

After a two year break to focus on basketball and volleyball, senior Kade Madsen made his comeback by running in another touchdown for the Panthers in the beginning of the third quarter and another good kick from Moore giving the score of 22-15.

“It felt great to be back competing again, I missed the adrenaline rush of being on the football field,” Madsen said.

The Mustangs scored a touchdown to bring the game to another tie halfway through the third quarter, but the Panthers didn’t plan on them being tied for long.

Madsen ran in another touchdown towards the end of the third quarter, a 40 yard pass from Myro, followed by a successful kick from Moore giving the Panthers a lead of 29-22.

Fourth quarter saw no scoring from the Panthers, but the Mustangs completed an eight yard pass for a touchdown to tie the game once again. The Panther’s defense worked hard and smart for the rest of the game keeping the Mustangs from scoring once again.

As the game went into overtime the Panthers went in feeling confident and ready for a good fight. Four minutes in, Myro was able to make a split decision and threw a seven yard pass to Amir McGruder, who was open in the end zone. Moore followed up with a victorious kick that gave the Panthers the winning score.

The Mustangs scored a touchdown, but failed at a two-point conversion leaving them one point short for tying the game.

The Panthers made sure to celebrate this win by singing and cheering the entire bus ride back to the school.

With a bye this week for the Panthers, the team will keep working hard and better to install plays and to strengthen their technique. Make sure to come out and support the Palo Verde Panthers at their next home game October 18th against the Cimarron-Memorial Spartans.

“We have so many dedicated guys that have been dreaming and working for a season like this for so long. I look forward to the rest of this season,” said Trey Rainford.