Varsity Panthers Take Home a Victory Against the Spartans


by Kayla Faasse, Sports Editor

On October 18th, 2019 the Panthers stepped onto their home turf again with lots of heart and determination for their game against the Cimarron-Memorial Spartans. After a tough and physical game, the Panthers secured their sixth win of the season.
The Spartans scored the first touchdown of the game in the beginning of the first quarter, but the Panthers were quick to react with a field goal kicked by Zachary Moore bringing the score to 3-6.
Second quarter proved to be better than the first when Charron Thomas ran in a touchdown, followed by another kick from Moore lighting up the scoreboard with a lead of 10-6.
Four minutes later, Thomas was running in another touchdown, followed by a two-point conversion pass from Jacob Gosz to team captain Maximus Lear raising the score to 18-6 just in time for halftime.
“We could not underestimate Cimarron by any means, but we knew that we had to continue to play to our level of football and that’s just being physical and doing our jobs and assignments,” Lear said about his expectations going into the game.
Amir Mcgruder started off the third quarter strong by running a 35 yard touchdown into the end zone. Mcgruder wasn’t going to stop there, he ran in two more touchdowns for the Panthers in the third quarter raising the score to 37-6.
“It felt amazing to make those touchdowns. At the same time, it was revealing and serves as a reminder of what I’m capable of and what the team is capable of. I couldn’t wait to get the opportunity to make another play,” Mcgruder said.
With thirty seconds left in the third quarter, Thomas ran in the last touchdown of the game for a final score of 43-6.
At the end of the night, the Spartans were no match for the power and determination that the Panthers had brought by working together to win the game.
“My favorite part of being apart of the football team is when we all come together to accomplish goals. The sport is just something I’m passionate about and love to play,” Trey Gola-Callard said.
The Panthers go against the Centennial Bulldogs for the next game on Thursday, October 24th starting at 7pm at Centennial.