Annual Homecoming Assembly

by Mikayla Campbell and Abbie Millman

Homecoming season is coming right around the corner, and school spirit is contagious. From September 23-28, the traditional Homecoming celebration is lasting throughout the week by events such as spirit week, the dance, and the assembly.
Concluding spirit week and introducing the Homecoming dance, the assembly provided a way for all Palo Students to get hyped up for the game later that night, and the dance the next day.
The assembly starts off with members of the student council introducing themselves, followed by Chamber Choir singing the national anthem as everyone faced towards the flag.
Afterward, the cheerleaders and dance team were dancing to Palo Verdes fight song, while the band was playing in the senior stand.
Immediately after the student body announced that they were collecting money for miracle minute, and student council members walked around with buckets to collect money.
Soon after, the freshman, sophomore, and junior winners for homecoming court were announced, right before the nominees for senior Homecoming King and Queen. The Homecoming teacher king and queen were also announced.
Treyson Lee, sophomore at Palo, said “I got to see my favorite part, which was when I got to see Paolo Fresh walk down as the Junior Prince.”.
Then the superheroes ran off the stands and began to fight, while during the chaos, the school mascot, the Panther, got captured. There was then a series of games that students from the stands were selected to play, in an attempt to free the Panther.
The first game was introduced and eight volunteers were chosen, who had to get balls out of a tissue box that was wrapped around their waist. The juniors then won that game.
After the game, the performances began starting with the JV and freshman cheer team performing, then varsity.
Jaylen Moseley, senior and Varsity Football player, said “We’re hyped you know, easy wins,” following along with “I thought the performers were good, I can’t do any backflips myself, but they were out there doing it.”.
Next was the color guard team performance.
Soon after, another game took place. Which included eight volunteers in groups of two from each grade, who received 1 roll of toilet paper to wrap around their villain in a certain time limit. The freshman then won that game.
Next was the dance team performance. First was Belladonna, then Primas. The super teachers which were Mr. Powell, Ms. Kim, Mr. Clarke, Ms.Hasegawa. Ms. Rush and many more performed a dance as well.
The assembly ended with the varsity football team talking about their game and yelling the chant “I believe that we will win”, continuously while increasing in volume, causing many in the audience to come down and join in the chant.