Military recruiting truck rolls into Palo


by Makayla Campbell and Abbie Millman

Here at Palo Verde High School, there is almost always something interesting going on. On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, there was a US Military truck that stopped by Palo Verde High School for the day to educate students on topics such as STEM, robotics, and more.

All throughout the morning, Palo Verde students, both those in and out of the ROTC program got to experience a tour along with a lesson in the truck.

The first stage and room of the truck was primarily for the explanation of new technologies and machines being developed for the military, while also for the evolution of science in general. Right after, students were brought into the next room where they were able to see videos and examples of the new technologies being developed.

The third room included multiple screens (or stations) that allowed kids to get in groups of two or three and do simulations on screens using the new technologies learned to accomplish various tasks. After having a bit of time to attempt accomplishing their task, students would rotate out and be able to sample the other new technologies.

Sergeant Dyers who was a part of the program, said, “I’m a recruiter. This is a recruiting asset that the army has and it travels the entire country.”

In fact, Palo is just one of the many schools that the program has come to, and will come to many more. This program has been going on for quite some time as well.

Thomas Ojo, Junior at Palo said, “I learned that there are some pretty interesting technologies in production and in use in the military right now…it’s gonna help a lot of search and rescue parties be able to go into situations that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to go in to.”

Because of this program, students all over the country are having the opportunity to gain insight into the use of STEM, engineering, robotics, and more for the use of the US Military. By allowing the students to complete tasks with the robotics on the screens themselves, they are becoming more invested in what the program has to offer.