Welcome to the PV Playhouse

by Malia Ishibashi and Adria Wells

On the night of October 23, 2019, screams filled the 200s halls of Palo Verde. The Palo Verde Playhouse admission was five dollars, with families and students welcomed.

Before entry, there were two lines, one for students and one for families. Once someone has collected your tickets you are assigned a tour guide who will show you around the PV Playhouse.

The scary aspects of the Playhouse consisted of creepy clowns, dolls, fake blood, and much more. The jumps, things crawling out of the walls, and darkness had every teen screaming. The fake blood, masks, bangs, creepy clowns, dolls, and much more gave everyone the goosebumps.

The PV Playhouse also had activities set in the senior quad with games, palo apparel, snacks such as pizza, and shave ice. The senior quad had Halloween music blasting which made the whole experience much more fun.

We asked Madison Coursey on her opinion on the haunted house this year, and she said “I think the haunted house turned out really good. All of the actors worked really hard for their role and to create it.”

As for the opinion of students who had gone through it, Krew Herlean said that it was “Low key kinda scary, but I wasn’t scared. Except for one. Then I was able to scare my friends for the rest of the night.”

The night was very fun and everyone did a wonderful job of keeping students on edge while also keeping a smile on their face.