College Signing Day for Senior Athletes of Fall Sports

On Nov. 20, sixteen of Palo Verde’s finest athletes signed with their colleges of choice, ensuring their future positions in collegiate sports. These athletes will be missed and remembered for their contributions to their teams.

The first athlete to get signed was Josiah Cromwick who signed with the University of Oregon for a future career in baseball. There Cromwick will major in kinesiology in hopes of becoming a personal trainer one day.

“The state of Oregon is beautiful. The academics are great and I can’t wait to watch all the football games! I’m going to miss my friends and Palo baseball, though,” Cromwick said.

Next up, we had Paul Myro IV sign with Oregon State University for baseball. Myro is undecided on a major but plans on studying business.

“I chose to go to Oregon State because of the baseball organization and the amazing education I will receive there. The organization is like a family and I am looking forward to being a part of it,” Myro said.

Paul Shawn Pasqualotto signed for baseball with the University of California Berkeley.

Noah Carabajal signed with Long Beach State University for baseball. Carabajal will be following his coach, Eric Valenzuela, to the university which has also been a dream school of his since both his parents live in Long Beach.

“I’m going to miss most of the brotherhood of this Palo baseball team as well as all my friends and coaches. They have helped me get so far and to where I am today and I’m going to miss them. I hope they come and visit!” Carabajal said.

Lastly signing for baseball, Jayden Agassi signed with the University of Southern California. Agassi plans on majoring in business as USC has one of the best business schools in the country.

“It has always been my dream to go to school in Southern California and I love the coach and program. I cannot wait to play in a Trojan uniform!” Agassi said.

Next, Reese Hazan signed with the University of Alabama where she plans on majoring in elementary education and minoring in special education in hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher in the future.

“I chose the University of Alabama because the moment I stepped foot onto the campus it felt like home. Everything from the academic standpoint to the beautiful facilities and amazing coaching staff has made Alabama home to me,” Hazan said.

Victoria Gutierrez signed with Boise State for swimming. Gutierrez plans on studying health sciences and going into the nursing program in hopes of being a kind nurse that’s able to make a young athlete feel better.

“The team and the people in Boise instantaneously made it feel more like a home than a school,” Gutierrez said.

Ethan Houck was the last athlete to sign up for swimming with the University of Denver. Houck is undecided in what he plans on majoring in, but is interested in business and real estate.

“The University of Denver offers me the best of athletics, academics, and camaraderie that I’ve always wanted in a collegiate program!” Houck said.

Arien Faffard was the only athlete we had signing up for volleyball with the University of Las Vegas.

“I am really looking forward to being a part of one of the most diverse schools in the nation and playing volleyball at such a high level,” Faffard said.

Both Kendall Menke and Jaydn Navarro signed up to play softball at CSN. Navarro plans on majoring in education to become an elementary teacher as it’s been a dream of hers since she was eight years old. The girls look forward to continuing their softball careers together in college.

For men’s soccer, Antonio Gomez signed with California Baptist University where he plans on studying communications.

“I chose CBU because of how welcomed I felt when going on my visit. After that, I knew exactly where I wanted to go,” Gomez said.

Timothy Stephens signed with Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota to play soccer and majoring in international business and pre-law to become a lawyer in the future.

“I chose [St. Mary’s] because their soccer program is one of the best in the country for D1 and because they have what I want academically. It is a great fit for me,” Stephens said.

Next, Meghan Harkin signed with Southwest Minnesota State for women’s soccer.

Kassidy Sayles then signed with Boise State for soccer. Sayles plans on studying kinesiology in hopes of working with other athletes once she finishes her soccer career.

“I’m looking forward to the workouts and classes I will be taking to start my career in kinesiology. I’m super excited to become a part of the Bronco soccer family!” Sayles said.

To finish off the signing day, Taylor Rath signed with the University of Texas San Antonio to continue playing soccer and majoring in politics and law and a medical humanities undergrad.

“I chose UTSA because it was very family oriented, and the minute I stepped foot on campus I had the feeling that I’ve been waiting for. The type of feeling that people tell you ‘when you know, you just know’. I felt at home,” Rath said.

Palo Verde is proud of their athletes’ performances in the classroom and in the athletics department. We look forward to seeing all the great things these young athletes accomplish in college.