Men’s Basketball Battles the Las Vegas Wildcats for the First Home Game of the Season

by Kayla Faasse, Sports Editor

Students packed the gym on Tuesday, December 2nd to cheer on the varsity Panthers as they took on the Las Vegas Wildcats for their first win of the season. The Panthers fought with heart to earn a final score of 58-49.

“I think Las Vegas came out a little sluggish; as did we in the first period. I don’t think they came out thinking we were going to be as good as we actually are and they underestimated us,” said senior Connor Peterson.

The first period started off with a little back n’ forth between the Panthers and Wildcats. Once the Panthers scored, the Wildcats weren’t far behind to tie up the game.

Junior Jason Condron scored the last basket of the quarter giving the Panthers a small lead of 10-9.

The Panthers played hard to keep their lead during the second quarter. Condron was the top scorer of the period adding four points to the scoreboard leaving the score at 29-23 for halftime.

“It felt great being up at halftime. It always gives the team confidence going into the second half. There are two halves of basketball thought and we have to play just as good in the second half as we did in the first,” Condron said.

At halftime the crowd stayed pumped up after an outstanding performance from Palo’s Primadonnas. The crowd cheered loudly as the Panthers stepped onto the court for the second half of the game.

For the third quarter, the Panthers stayed strong after making the first basket. The boys kept the lead ending the quarter with a score of 43-37.

Antonio Maillaro started the fourth quarter by making a free throw adding an extra point to the scoreboard followed by Kade Madsen scoring a two-pointer.

“I feel good [after scoring a basket] because it means I’m helping my team get points and win the game. We all played hard with good energy,” Madsen said.

The Panthers did an excellent job of scoring points while also keeping the Wildcats from scoring until the last few minutes of the fourth quarter.

“[At our next game] I’m looking forward to going back out and competing with my boys. It’s always fun to play and senior year being this year, I’m definitely going to cherish all of it,” said Maillaro.

Come out and support the Panthers at their next home game on Wednesday, December 2nd against the Arbor View Aggies.