Winter Week 2019

by Jordyn Selznick, Managing Editor

Winter week is upon us! With fun games in the quad, pep rallies, a door decorating contest for teachers, and a holiday assembly at the end of the week, it’s a good time to relax before finals week ventures into our life. 

First, let’s talk about the dress-up days. Our student council came up with very fun and inclusive dress-up days for the entire study body. 

“The theme was picked this year by student council thinking of multiple themes and each of the student council classes voted on which theme would be the best and everyone chose this one!” said Lauren Cooper, the student body treasurer. 

With days such as an ugly sweater day, to holiday pajama day, it’s a great way to have fun during the stressful hours of school. 

“The most popular dress-up day was definitely pajama day, ” said Cooper.

With these dress-up days, fun activities and games alternate every day in the quad during lunch. 

These activities are a good way to destress in the middle of the day for a little holiday fun. Some of the activities include a wide variety of holiday music which is played in the quad the entire lunch period. 

To much surprise, our winter week also has a Varsity basketball game included in the middle of the week. On Wednesday, our Varsity basketball team will be having a “Silent Night” basketball game, in which the study body will not cheer up until the 10th point by Palo Verde is earned. 

The cheerleaders and dancers are also included in the holiday fun at the game. They are also wearing holiday attire during the game to get into the fun of Winter Week while also supporting our Panthers. 

Last but not least, there will be a holiday assembly at the end of the week for all of the student body to enjoy.  At the assembly, the student body has the chance to win a variety of prizes!

“I think this week’s winter week has gone by smooth and very successful! We have been giving away gift cards every day and on Friday we are giving away AirPods, echo dots and many more items!” said Lauren Cooper. 

All in all, this winter week has been very successful. With more and more student body participation every year, we can’t wait for more spirit weeks in the future. 

Until the next spirit week, we hope the entire student body has a wonderful Winter Break and a very fun and eventful holiday season. We will see you all back at school in January!

Happy Holidays Panthers!