Panthers Take on the Cimarron-Memorial Spartans

by Kayla Faasse, Sports Editor

On Monday, January 13th, the Panthers stepped onto their home court to take on the Cimarron-Memorial Spartans. The boys fought hard against the Spartans to come out with a win of 69-55. 

Team Captain Harlan Nichols started off the first quarter by scoring two points for the Panthers, followed shortly after by Connor Peterson making a free throw. This started the Panthers off with a lead of 3-0. 

The Spartans were quick to catch up on the scoreboard and even pass the Panthers for the lead. By halftime, the Panthers were behind 29-31.

“[The Spartans] came out with a lot of energy and were very aggressive, but it eventually died down. We just need to start off our games strong and can’t let up for one second,” said Jason Condron. 

The Panthers came back from their ten minute break refreshed and ready for another battle. Antonio Maillaro scored a free throw adding another point to the board.

Connor Peterson was quick to follow up with a layup to give the Panthers the new lead of 32-31. The Panthers fought hard keeping the ball in their end of the court while adding onto their leading score. 

“We played well in the second half, but in the first half we had a few issues that I’m glad we were able to straighten out. I feel pretty good about [the final score] but we definitely could’ve made it bigger,” Kade Madsen said. 

The Panthers finished strong and pulled off another win for their fourth consecutive win making their team record 13-4. 

Come out and support the Panthers at their next home game on Friday, January 17th as they battle the Bonanza Bengals for their annual Hope game. 

“It was nice to win after a game like that. Just being able to see everyone on the team happy that we were able to get the win felt really good,” said Condron.