Monsters Invade Palo!

by Abbie Millman, Reporter

The haunting creations of the Monster Makers students.

Do you want to learn how to do FX makeup, create monster masks, build furniture, or do anything else involving creativity? If that sounds like you, the Palo Verde Monster Makers club may be a good fit.

Monster Makers is a brand new club to Palo Verde this year, run by Ms. Arquette and taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays in room 308.

Everyone in Monster Makers has their own personality and set of interests, yet they all come together as a big team to accomplish their goals. The club gives members a chance to express themselves individually while working with others.

One of the projects the Monster Makers worked on was creating their own mask and providing a backstory for that character. Later, club members formed smaller groups, and every group built and painted a piece of Tim Burton-themed furniture piece to display.

“My most memorable moments in general is that fact that I get to experience how to do these type of things and learning from everyone else as well. Each of us have our own set of skills that we put in to this club, and it’s just really nice to learn,” says Trinity Brinston, sophomore and president of the club.

“The main focus of the Palo Verde Monster Makers is to have fun, make cool stuff, and to learn since some people want to become special effects artists,” says Jhania Del Rio, sophomore and vice president of the club.

Next year, the Monster Makers club will most likely become a class, so students at Palo may take it as an elective.

“I hope to see myself improve more, and more people in the club because it is honestly a lot of fun. You meet a lot of crazy fun people. We all love the horror genre and you get to have an entire group of friends that you meet twice a week. It’s like your own little world where you can be creative and go all out with what you want to do. I want to see more people in the club and see what other crazy things I and other people can create,” says Diana Ward, freshman.

For students who have taken art this year and are wondering what their next step should be, this group may be the right move for them. Students who are interested in the magic of movie makeup and other creative pursuits are also encouraged to join. If you have spare time on your hands and are looking for some way to pursue creativity, this group may be the perfect fit for you.