Panthers Take Home an Epic Win Against Arbor View in Overtime

by Kayla Faasse, Sports Editor

On Tuesday, January 21st, the Panthers traveled to Arbor View to compete against the Aggies for another victory. The boys battled hard to come out on top with a final score of 74-72.

The first quarter began with the Aggies making a two-pointer, followed by Harlan Nichols scoring for the Panthers. Throughout the quarter, both teams kept the score at a tie.

With five nail biting seconds left in the first quarter, Ethan Marcus scored another two points breaking the tie for a lead of 17-15. This was Marcus’ first game back from a two and a half week break due to an injury.

“I couldn’t wait [to play again]. I play with some really great players, but they are even better teammates, and I was eager to help contribute to our team’s success. It felt great to be back out there and help get a big win,” Marcus said.

Jason Condron launched into the second quarter with a three-pointer adding to the lead of 20-15. The Panthers continued to fight strongly against the Aggies to enter halftime with a leading score of 35-31.

The Aggies started off the third quarter scoring two points again, but then Nichols scored two points of his own. The Panthers then kept the lead, ending the quarter with a score of 51-48.

Palo Verde stayed strong and fought hard to keep the ball on their side of the court. With one minute left in the fourth quarter, Kade Madsen scored a three-pointer ending regulation time with a tie of 68-68.

The teams went into overtime with confidence and their heads held high with an extra four minutes on the board.

“I was a little nervous since this was our first overtime game of the season, but I knew that we would pull through. My confidence along with the support of my teammates allowed me to feel better and get the job done in those exciting 4 minutes,” Nichols said.

Connor Peterson was quick to score the first two points, but the Aggies retaliated with two points of their own bringing the score back to a tie.

Then Marcus received his third personal foul of the game allowing the Aggies to score two free throws. Peterson evened up the score with a lay up.

With thirty seconds left, Condron scored  giving the Panthers two more points and a winning score of 74-72!

“It felt great [to score the final basket]. We really needed a basket at the time and I saw the opportunity so I took it. What was even better was our defense at the end. We didn’t allow them to get a shot off, which felt even better,” Condron said.

Come out and support the Panthers at their next home game on Wednesday, January 29th, against Faith Lutheran. The girls play at 5 pm and the boys at 6:30 pm.