Student Spotlight: Mila Mauriello

by Jordyn Selznick, Managing Editor

Our very own lady panther, Mila Mauriello, has accomplished many things within her high school experience. Whether it’s her going to state and regionals in swimming within the past three years or becoming the state champion for wrestling, Mauriello keeps it hot in the classroom and within her extracurriculars. 

Mauriello has been wrestling for the past two years and she has been swimming all four years of her high school career. 

Mauriello’s successes start in the classroom where she has been in advanced placement and honors classes throughout her entire high school experience. Her weighted GPA is a 4.53 and she truly excels in Spanish as well as her devotion to her theater endeavors and advanced academics. 

Mila Mauriello does not stop there, after school her days are jam-packed. She is the top female wrestler at Palo Verde High School and is regionally ranked in the 100-yard backstroke and 500-yard freestyle for swimming.

“Wrestling and swimming have taught me to be disciplined and I’ve never felt surer of myself than when doing either,” said Mauriello.

Her absolute favorite event is the 100-yard butterfly when she is embarking on the swim season.

Mauriello is faithful to her academics before anything else. Her favorite subject is Spanish in which she has completed more than 5 years of high school Spanish within Palo Verde High School. 

And with that, Mauriello aspires to go to Brigham Young University in Provo Utah, or even going to BYU Hawaii. While she attends university, she would like to major in Pre-Med as well as possibly going into acting or show business. But her aspirations don’t stop there, she is also being recruited by many schools who want her to wrestle for them.

Mila’s biggest accomplishment this year is winning state champion in wrestling in Nevada’s Girl’s State Championship for wrestling. 

“I just won first place at Nevada Girls State at my weight class, I’ve gotten a couple of college offers and scholarships from schools all over the country so there is a possibility I will wrestle in college if I decide to take that path,” said Mauriello.

Mauriello is one of the most focused and utterly driven students at Palo Verde. Her excellence with anything she does is truly recognized through her kindness and drive that she possesses. 

She often says, “Whether it’s for life or wrestling, nothing can distract me. I formulate a game-plan within my head before I do anything and I try to imagine it before I do anything.” 

Mauriello is part of the graduating class of 2020, and we are so excited about what she will embark on with her future. Her passionate attitude fuels her in accomplishing amazing things for her life and for others. We are excited to see her grow and achieve in the next few years. Congratulations on everything you have done and will do Mila!