Sadies Week

by Arushi Chamaria, Reporter

Bailey Campbell

The sadies week is upon us! With tie-dying shirts, playing games, listening to music, and an exciting assembly at the end of the week. There is also an informal dance hosted where the girls ask the guys out.

To start it off, let’s talk about the dress-up days which were arranged by our student council. Student council came up with very unique dress-up days.

“I enjoyed the dress up the days because they provided a variety of different options for each student. Each day allowed individuals to express themselves and be included in spirit week,” says Sophia Paredes, a sophomore at Palo Verde High School.

On Tuesday, students dressed up in checkers wearing all black or all white. On Wednesday, it was a Jumanji day where students wore animal prints.

“I loved dressing up for the checkers day because it was easy and fun,” said Logan Bledsoe, a sophomore at Palo.

On Thursday, the theme was connect 4 where students had a chance to dress up with their squads. On Friday, students dressed up in their colorful, tie-dyed sadies shirt to show the sadies spirit.

“My favorite was the connect 4 day because it allowed me and my friends to have fun and get creative with what we wear,” said Catherine Caravahallo, a sophomore at Palo Verde High School.

Apart from the dress-up days, there were many activities organized for the students which would alternate every day in the quad during lunch.

These activities were a good way for the students to connect and distress themselves from the ACT’s next week. Some of the activities were playing music, face painting, and games outside in the quad.

“I mostly enjoyed the music playing every day during lunch because it made the environment fun and exciting and also made time with friends at lunch more enjoyable,” says Nicole Macario, a student at Palo Verde High School.

On Friday, there was an assembly scheduled for all the students to enjoy. At the assembly, the students had a chance to experience new things like a TikTok battle.

Lastly, on Saturday, an informal dance was also hosted for students to come with their friends. Students could dance, listen to music, and eat also take pictures.