How the media is sabotaging Bernie Sanders

by Michelle Trajtman, Editor-in-Chief

Bernie Sanders has been surging to the top of the Democratic primary and it is clear that there is an immense coalition of people supporting him. Sanders’ fundraising is the strongest out of all the nominees, raising $34.5 million in the fourth quarter of his campaign. However, because some of his policies are considered radical, moderate Democrats are speaking out against him. Not only are individuals opposing him, but media networks like MSNBC and CNN hold a clear bias against Bernie Sanders.

CNN has continuously targeted Sanders more than the other candidates during the Presidential debates. One exchange between Abby Philips, a moderator, and Sanders went something like this:

Phillip: You’re saying that you never told Sen. Warren that a woman could not win the election?

Sanders: That is correct.

Phillip: Sen. Warren, what did you think when Sen. Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?

Warren: I disagreed.

It is obvious that CNN was taking Warren’s side over Sanders’ in such a blatant way that even the audience laughed. By the end of the debates, Sanders’ supporters were angered at the one-sided questions Sanders was being asked. Even people who don’t support Sanders were angry. The trending hashtag “#BernieBlackout” arose from supporters calling out the media for ignoring the campaign.

Chris Matthews, an MSNBC host, is another figure of the corporate media who uses his platform to make remarks about Bernie Sanders and his campaign. Matthews has compared the inability of establishment Democrats to stop Bernie Sanders to France’s futile hopes against Germany’s invasion in 1940, to which he has apologized for. It was completely unacceptable, especially because Bernie Sanders had family murdered in the Holocaust. This isn’t the only comment Matthews’ has made. Earlier in January, he compared Sanders’ support for democratic socialism to Cold War executions. The comments he’s made are intolerable and completely biased.

An analysis was done on MSNBC and their coverage of the presidential nominees, and it showed that Biden received 2.5 times more coverage than Sanders, and Sanders was the least likely to be mentioned positively with only about 13% of his mentions being positive. Not only that but he was most likely to be mentioned negatively, with 20% of the reporting being framed unfavorably. This trend of negative bias against Sanders isn’t a new issue. In 2016, it was recorded that the Washington Post ran 16 negative stories about Sanders in 16 hours.

The fact that the media is attacking Bernie Sanders for his political stance and ideologies is completely unacceptable. The media is supposed to be completely unbiased and for the people. Yet, it seems that those working for the media let their own political beliefs bleed into their reporting. People need to speak out about this negative rhetoric corporate media has when reporting on Bernie. We can no longer let networks like MSNBC and CNN hold a bias against any presidential nominee, especially Sanders, who is seen as most likely to win the nomination.