The Youth’s Influence on our Political System


by Jordyn Selznick, Managing Editor

It’s 2020. Whether it’s an ad during someone’s Snapchat story, or a political slander that occurs on a commercial during a basketball game. Political interference is constantly bombarding our lines. 

When we view one of these commercials, we quickly skip to what someone’s Saturday Night is up to, but it’s hard to take into the fact that our take on this political situation is going to have an effect on the outcome in November 2020. 

Voting in the 21st century has never been so important. This election is coming up, and every election in fact completely will shape our future as adults, and the futures that we all share together. In the next 4 years, our political ideas will truly impact the ideas of the future, since essentially, we are currently the future. The ideas we have and the ideas we put forth control the way that we view our futures. 

Yet, having such strong opinions of what occurs in our futures can be quickly influenced by what we see within the media. Whether it’s slanderous words or a copious amount of rudimentary evidence, it can be hard to have a confident political opinion in the 21st century. Especially because we are very young, and ill-informed of the controversy and importance of our political system. 

We always look towards the future when we think about Politics, but we can’t forget that we, the younger generation, have a say in what occurs within our futures. 

We need to depend on ourselves to see the effect that our ideas have on the future of our political and economic system. 

This world that each and every student within the United States lives in is scary and very daunting, but you have to have confidence in what your opinions are. 

All in all, it is very important to be confident in your future and go out in vote for each election that occurs. Your voice matters, and it is important, no matter what your beliefs are, to go out and vote.