Kansas City Chiefs defeat 49ers In Amazing Super Bowl Comeback

by Dejvis Lipo, Reporter

In the Super Bowl LIV (54), the San Francisco 49ers played the Kansas City Chiefs! The game kicked off on Sunday, February 2, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. An estimated 135 to 140 million people watched the Super Bowl.

When Dominick` Del Giudice, a sophomore at Palo was asked before the Super Bowl who he thought would win, he predicted that “the Chiefs are winning the Super Bowl.” Del Giudice also added “Patrick Mahomes is a great leader and he leads the offense really well. Overall the Chiefs work great as a team.”

Dominic was right, as Patrick Mahomes was named the MVP of the Super Bowl as he helped lead the Chiefs to a 31-20 lead to win against the 49ers. Although Maholmes was struggling, as he gave away two interceptions, he still held himself together to help his team. He overall had some impressive stats.

Maholmes had 286 passing yards, 29 rushing yards, a score on the ground, and two passing touchdowns. That’s impressive, especially for the young man at just 24 years old. He also became the youngest player to win MVP in the Super Bowl.

It wasn’t just Maholmes that had an impressive game, the Chiefs overall had a good game with an amazing late comeback. The chiefs fell behind in the end of the second quarter losing 13-10. Third quarter just went downhill for the Chiefs as the 49ers took the lead 20-10.

It seemed as if the Super Bowl was over but the Chiefs are known for having some amazing comebacks throughout their season.

Out of nowhere, the chiefs got an interception and then a touchdown, the score is 20-17 in the favor of the 49ers. Then another touchdown and the Chiefs took the lead 20-24. Out of nowhere, there is a sack and then another touchdown, the lead goes up to 20-31 for the Chiefs! The Chiefs made a comeback and won the Super Bowl, Scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter. This allowed the Kansas City Chiefs to win the franchises first Super Bowl in 50 years which made it that much more special.

It wasn’t just the comeback that was a big part of the super bowl, but the Half-time show caught the interest of many watching. Shakira and J. Lo’s performance was phenomenal. Omrie Kadosh, a senior at Palo, was asked about his thoughts at half-time. He responded that the “Half time show was amazingly choreographed and performed.”