Netflix’s Look at Navarro Cheer


by Abbie Millman, Reporter

After Netflix released the relatively new documentary series, “Cheer”, fans are cheering for more. The reality-TV series puts the spotlight on Navarro cheerleaders and their journey to competing at Daytona Cheerleading Nationals.

Viewers are provided a taste into the cheer world by following along Navarro cheer coach, Monica Aldama, and the rest of the team. Following each team member, is a bit of their background story and the hardships that each performer goes through.

The show features the stories of Jerry (who lost his mother to cancer), Gabi (who is put under immense pressure to be a role model), La’Darius (who had an extremely rough childhood), and many more.

“I’ve watched the Navarro cheer team for a few seasons and would always be impressed with their routine. I am an all-star cheerleader and I watch other cheerleader vlogs. I watched Gabi’s vlogs last year too and loved seeing them win at Daytona. When I found out that they were getting a show I was so excited for people to see how amazing the sport truly is,” says Laura Wolff, sophomore and student at Palo.

Some of the team members are well known in the cheer industry such as Gabi Butler who was previously on the Youtube series “Cheerleaders” for quite some time. Others were not as well known, yet fans grew to love such as Jerry Harris, who was known for his iconic mat talk.

“Jerry is my favorite character because his energy is at its maximum all the time and he is consistently cheering on his team, being is such a big part to the successes his team achieves total,” says Bennett Common, sophomore and Palo student.

The documentary series “Cheer” may be considered a huge asset to the cheer community, as it brings more attention to the nature of competitive cheer.

“All the characters have unique stories about how cheer helped them. I didn’t think the show was gonna be about that at first, I just thought it was gonna be about drama and cheer. The one character that stood out to me the most was Lexi because she seemed to think that cheer was the only thing that saved her, and she would be helpless without it. Overall, it was a good show and I would recommend it for people that are interested in doing cheer or learning about it in a fun way,” says Lynnea Moskowitz, a student at Staples High School.

Personally, I thought that this show was quite refreshing, and is not something that I expected to see Netflix produce. Unlike most Netflix originals, this show is not filled with unnecessary teen drama and controversy, it more so showed the power of a true team and what can be accomplished while working hard together to reach a common goal. In addition, the situations that the cheerleaders were facing were not overly dramatized, instead, they were more relatable and common to an average teenager than what you would find teens facing in “Riverdale”. 

I also appreciated how viewers do not have to be familiar with the cheer world to feel a connection with each and every one of the characters. Not everyone is a cheer expert, yet anyone could sit through the whole documentary series with a pretty good understanding of the show and still enjoy themselves, which is why I would proudly recommend this series to anyone.