Unlocking “Locke and Key”

by Adria Wells, Reporter

Released on February 7th, 2020, the new Netflix show “Locke and Key” caught the attention and interest of many people. The show is a drama based series starring Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Jackson Robert Scott as the Locke family.

The show begins with the tragic death of the children of the Locke family’s father. This leads them to move away from where they originally resided in, and to the infamous Key House.

The Key House proves to have a history going back generation upon generation, keeping viewers interested to uncover more to its backstory as the show continues. “The murder mystery made me want to watch it,” says Alicia Kasan, a sophomore at Palo Verde high school. There are different murders scattered within the series that peek the interests of those who are intrigued by murder mysteries, which can reach a variety of audiences.

Magical keys can be found within the family historical estate that the Locke’s moved into, and each key has a different ability that can be unlocked through it. The antagonist, Dodge, is after these keys so she can open the ‘Black Door’.

The progression of the plotline continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, creating an engaging and inspiring atmosphere.

The more you watch the show, the more surprises you run into every episode. Just when you think it’s over, or that they’ve finished one battle, it always grows into something much more interesting than before.

When asked about what they thought of the show after watching it, many responded positively. “Personally I think Locke and Key is very interesting and unique,” said Christalynn Storck, another Palo Verde high school student.

Others, however, respectfully had different opinions on it.

Although sophomore Sydney Wilson said, “I didn’t like it”, it’s mainly dependent on the types of shows people may be interested in.

The responses to the show vary, only due to how much of a unique twist and insight it gives to its own magical make-up. The elements and emotional depth it produces takes viewers on a heart wrenching and sometimes relatable journey that seems to keep them wanting more with every episode.

“I was hanging off the edge of my seat until the finale,” Treyson Le said in response to finishing the first season of the series.

The finale included an unexpected turn of events. Just as one may believe that the Locke’s have made peace in their lives, another hard to swallow dramatic event occurs that shakes things up and paves way for another season.

While watching the series herself, Madison Wong says, “it really keeps me hooked”. She is just one out of many others who are newly obsessed with the action-filled story line within the show.

This new Netflix original is not only unique, but it is also alluring to whoever chooses to watch. Every episode is never what you expect, and it makes room for a thrilling journey that can turn into a very enjoyable binge. I, along with many others, would personally recommend that if you haven’t watched it yet, then you should definitely go check it out.