Prom on a Budget

by Olivia Stedeford, Reporter

Prom is up and coming and for most people, dropping hundreds of dollars on clothes and accessories may seem a bit obsolete when looking for a more cost-friendly, yet fabulous option.

From the outfit to the accessories, what you wear and how you buy it can greatly affect your prom experience and your bank account.

With an average of $700 being spent on prom for each teenager, that price can decrease drastically with a few cost-friendly tips and tricks to further enhance the prom-tastic experience and dazzle the camera with every beautiful picture.

Dresses and shoes can be a struggle, but there is no stress when it comes to shopping if you know where to look. Online shopping can be really easy, quite reliable and most people find exactly what they’re looking for. In the Las Vegas area, Nordstroms Rack also offers really great deals and a wide variety of gorgeous gowns perfect for many school dances and formal events, including prom. If you’re looking for a one time wear, renting dresses can be the perfect solution. Many places rent out designer dresses for a cheaper cost than buying one and once finished it can be returned. Sacks, of 5th, also offers great deals and great ensembles. They are constantly offering discounts along with low prices and great reliability when in search of the perfect dress. JJsHouse is another really great option, with so many gorgeous dresses to choose from at such a great value, the customer experience is truly beaming with delight at how wonderful their luck was when they finalized their purchases. A few other options for phenomenal looks are bridal shops and boutiques. Both are full of unique options with cheaper price points that offer lower deals when shopping, especially off season. Along with the great dress, getting it altered for the perfect fit can be hassle free if taken to a dry cleaner. Though the dress is just a part of the prom experience, with the right look, you’ll maintain the perfect night which can all be attained by keeping it cheap and looking like a million bucks.

Next up is shoes, everyone wants to find the perfect set of heels that look great and feel better. Online shopping for shoes, similarly to the dresses, can have really great outcomes. Shopping online usually has a positive track record in quality deliverance however, being skeptical may leave out many who are still looking for the perfect shoe. Many places can surprise you in what they have to offer and all you have to do is look and compare prices. Some shoes can have a $30 difference and look identical. Macy’s and Dillards are easy to go to when shopping. They have a wide variety of stunning looks for a low cost. DSW also offers a unique variety of colors, patterns and sizes however practically any retail store may have what you’re looking for. Keeping an open mind and locked in price point can ensure you find the shoes you need at the cost you want.

Accessories such as the corsage and boutonniere can simply be found in a local grocery store for easy money. Ordering from a high demand online seller or florist may show lavishing souvenirs of flowers but leave your wallet to suffer. Albertsons and many others offer the same product at lower prices to ensure everyone is happy.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Checking in with local boutiques or even online can give off the glamorous look while keeping the spending low. Many retail stores such as Charming Charlies also have dazzling necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. for any event at any price. With an open mind and specific budget, many customers leave looking their best and feeling even better.

Other tips and tricks to guarantee prom is the night to remember can be easily overlooked and go largely unnoticed if you don’t know where to start. For instance, self-tanner can be much cheaper than spending a large amount of money at a tanning salon. Similarly, going to a cosmetology school for gorgeous hair, makeup, and nail look will be much cheaper than going to a pricey salon. Being practical in what you wear is key, if you’re only planning on wearing it once, renting may be the way to go, however, keep an eye out for multiple opportunities to strut your look once prom is over. Prom is a night to remember, so make it memorable. Having fun and enjoying the evening is the best way to go, so go in style. There are many options when deciding on what to wear and do, keeping an open mind in what you’re interested in will not only guarantee a great night for prom but a greater experience overall.