Netflix V.S. Tik Tok in Quarantine


by Malia Ishibashi, Reporter

2020 has been a crazy year. From the helicopter crash with Kobe Bryant, to the wildfires in Oregon and California.  This year, 2020, has brought in so many challenges and stress to everyone’s lives.  The Corona Virus is one of the biggest stressors on people’s lives right now.  November 17  was the date of the first coronavirus case.  

Covid-19 had to put an end to summer, which is known as the time where there is no school and students can have as much fun as they want. Now, Covid-19 has put a dent in that with people having to stay 6- feet apart, no social gatherings, face masks on at all times, etc.  Due to the safety precautions, kids, teens, and adults are not enjoying summer the way everyone should. Instead, Netflix and Tik Tok consumes everyone’s down time.  

Tik Tok and Netflix are two of the biggest platforms that people are streaming from.

Tik Tok is a social media platform, where trends among teen popularity can be found, and is an app with short, small videos that could be filled with life hacks, dance trends, music, recipes, diy’s, etc.  Tik Tok is full of so many creators or “Tik Tokers” that have grown in popularity at such a dramatic rate, that making Tik Toks has become their job.  Tik Tok is taking over so many teens’ lives by making them laugh from just short little clips that somehow take up hours of time. 

From a survey of high school students, 55% chose to watch Tik Tok, while 45% of those students chose to watch Netflix majority of this summer in quarantine.  

Adrianna Perconte, a junior at Palo Verde High School said, “I chose Tik Tok because it seems that I don’t have a long attention span when it comes to watching a long episode.  I am a fan of Netflix, but Tik Tok is an app that you can just sit anywhere and watch. With Netflix you have to sit and be ready to watch an episode or movie.”  

Following along, other students seem to have the same opinion when it comes to favoring Tik Tok. They see Tik Tok as an app where they can watch quality content in a short amount of time.

Ethan Hsaio, also a junior at Palo Verde Highschool, said, “I’m literally always on Tik Tok because they’re just tiny little bursts of entertaining content.  Netflix is more like sitting down for a huge binge session whereas Tik Tok can be viewed literally any time without missing out on anything.” 

No matter how old the viewers are, it can be seen as a pattern that Tik Tok draws their audience in with the multiple perspectives and types of videos it offers.

Isani Cruz, a freshman at Faith Lutheran High School said, “I chose Tik Tok over Netflix because it’s addicting.  I am a fan of Netflix, but I get bored of that really easily.” 

On the other hand, there are students that disfavor the fact that Tik Toks only provide entertainment on a topic for under a minute, before you have to scroll to the next video.

Jax Hendrickson, a junior at Palo Verde High School said, “Personally, Netflix is just more enjoyable since it has so many different shows that you can get invested in and binge-watch, but on Tik Tok it’s just unrelated videos to randomly scroll through,  It’s just much more mindless than Netflix is for me, so I’m not really a fan.”  

While Tik Tok was seen as a very temporary form of entertainment, Netflix provides a bit more when it comes to film quality along with the way it gets the viewer invested in a series or movie.

Cameron Casolari, a senior at Palo Verde High School, said, “I chose Netflix because I prefer to watch tv shows rather than scroll through my phone and I don’t quite care for Tik Tok.  I don’t have any negative or positive thoughts towards it.”  

Students that participated in the poll, all seem to have the same opinion with the people they side with.  The students who chose Tik Tok seem to like the quick little short videos Tik Tok brings, while those who chose Netflix seemed to feel that Netflix has more content than Tik Tok and is easier to get into.