The Long Road of Recovery Ahead

by Ashlee Townsend, reporter

Covid-19 has brought a lot of devastation upon many businesses across the U.S. for the past six months. The pandemic has destroyed countless businesses, while having helped few. 

One major essential need of society that has been affected is the real estate market.

“The governor has given us directives to not let anyone in the homes,” said Las Vegas local, Misty Gray, a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway. Gray includes “There isn’t much plan for recovery yet.” The social distancing aspect of the directives puts a damper on the selling of homes, because it doesn’t allow buyers to tour the house before buying it. 

With this being said, real estate agents were told that tenants cannot be evicted until January of 2021 because they may not have a suitable location to migrate to. Therefore, tenants are practically getting away with free rent, as homeowners are unable to remove them from the household until the beginning of next year. 

As a result, the tenants have to wait for their lease to run out, which puts more stress on the real estate agents with the amount of houses that are sitting on the market. Left at a  stand still, this not only leaves tenants soon to be without a home, but also the real estate business in a critical situation putting new families into new homes. 

“Some buyers have put themselves in a non-financial predicament, yet others have not,” Gray proceeded to say. This is a direct result from the fact that all currently unemployed workers have had a choice to make considering the overflow of income, not only from unemployment, but pandemic pay as well. Smart buyers have more than likely held on to their profits. For example, after collecting the money, they would use the money to take care of priorities like bills, food, hygiene, etc. Buyers who weren’t as smart with their income, have not only spent it on their priorities, but also to their liking as well, leaving them bone dry. 

“My dad got laid off because he worked on the Strip and has yet to return to work,” said Juliana Deleon, a junior at Palo Verde High School. “Now, no one in my family has health insurance.” This pandemic has not only affected businesses, but it has devastated personal lives. These families are now depending on the recovery of the economy to support their families once again.

Although the pandemic has caused a lot of turmoil for many business owners, it has also allowed very few businesses to run into money, such as Amazon and Walmart who have been taking online orders since people don’t want to shop in store. At Walmart, you can order your groceries and pick them up without even stepping foot out of your car. 

Despite how much havoc Covid-19 has caused, businesses all over the U.S. are trying to regain their strength to hopefully soon be back to how it was before the pandemic started. This will take a lot of work, but with time, things should start to look better.