“Remote” Album Review

Remote Album Review

by Ileana Hernandez, Reporter

The indie group, Wallows, released their second EP on October 23rd, 2020. There’s a total of six songs and four music videos. With the COVID-19 pandemic, three of the four music videos were made following all the social distancing protocols. When filming was in progress, the cast and crew wore their masks and stayed six feet apart. As Corona got worse, the last music video was made almost completely animated. There is a distinctly  positive feel throughout the whole album. 

The best songs in my opinion have to be “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” and “Wish Me Luck”. They are very uplifting, and best demonstrate the album as a whole. “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” was one of  the first songs to come out, and it gives a love story with a deep connection that just about everyone can find a way to relate to. 

There is not a single disappointing song. All six songs have a very good flow, where they blend into each other so that no matter what order they are played, they fit. There is no way to feel upset or in a dark mood after and while listening to this album. 

The actual first song of the EP is “Virtual Aerobics”. This song was written in quarantine, like most of the EP. This was one of the songs that has a music video, and the song itself is talking about virtual aerobics, which is representing a relationship. 

“There’s no color in San Francisco/ you laughed and said, ‘Just look around you’”. The song is describing imperfections in a relationship, yet how well the relationship can turn out. 

Some of the lyrics, despite the sound, can be pretty gloomy. “Cut my heart in half, give it back when you talk like that” from “Talk Like That”, is an example of the contrary.

Every song tells it’s own story that links together in the order of the album. Although, that doesn’t mean the song is needed to be played in order, they can each hold their own.

Overall, I’d give the album an 8/10. If there were a little more difference in the percussion, the album would be perfect. The design and theme of the album are aesthetically pleasing. Each song tells a story worth listening to.