New Demi Lovato Song is Unlike the Others


by Malia Ishibashi, Reporter

Release Date: October 14, 2020

Artist: Demi Lovato

My rating: 10/10

Demi Lovato has released a new song called “Commander and Chief”. Lovato wrote the new song with Finneas, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, and Erena Cannata. “Commander and Chief” was released to show her opinion on President Donald Trump, national issues, and world issues.

I rate this song a 10/10 because of how direct she is towards her audience. Lovato uses great diction which makes it easy to understand her message and makes the song so much stronger. I also like how she references real world issues such as Covid-19, wildfires, protests, and justice not being served to those who should have it.

Lovato’s song is directed towards Trump, referencing her political views with it, as she speaks towards President Trump, and uses her voice, talent, and popularity to get out the message to vote. Her powerful lyrics include, “We’re not pawns in your game,”.  This song is a three-minute and fifteen-second song. 

On the cover of her album, she is wearing a mask and on the mask is printed “VOTE”. The album cover is in black and white to show that this is a song to pay attention to. Her mask demands that everyone should be wearing masks during the global pandemic. 

Thomas Miller, an 11th grader at Palo Verde High School, said, “I do like the song because I think that it expresses the opinion that the majority of people have our commander and chief. Also, it does it in a way that isn’t blatantly political and instead simply questions his character instead of his thoughts. I think that Demi should have released this song because a lot of people are having the same doubts as her, and knowing that somebody such as herself is having the same thoughts is a reassuring thing to know that they are not the only person to doubt this commander and chief.”

Lucia Hakens, an 11th grader at Palo Verde High School, said “I felt that her song gave off such a strong message, which I loved. She called him out of the racial injustice and ‘state of crisis’, which I think refers to Covid and his poor response to it, which both definitely need more attention. It’s amazing that Demi released that song since it brought more attention to the important matters that are going on in the world. By releasing it she knew she would lose people in her fan base, but still was divided to release it anyways because it was such an important subject to her and many others like herself.” 

It seems that Lovato’s new song “Commander in Chief” has reached a multitude of audiences, especially those of teenagers and young adults, who often share the same political views as her.