“Tickets to My Downfall” Album Review

Tickets to My Downfall Album Review

by Zoie Martin, Managing Editor

For years Colson Baker, the famous artist known as Machine Gun Kelly, was seen as the rapper in a constant feud with Eminem, with a few good hit singles. Although, recently he’s shifted his narrative from a diss track rapper to a rising pop-punk artist. His new album “Tickets to My Downfall,” has gained both recognition and praise worldwide, with his first number one album, and a MTV award for “Best Alternative Video.”  

In this new album, though the departure from his old music may seem only suddenly distant, fans are excited he’s opening up to a more upbeat and free version of his music. 

Baker has always had a cynical view of fame and through this album expresses his “downfall” so to say. 

With moments filled with angst and regret, Kelly describes many of the hardships he’s experienced throughout his life. The song “Lonely” expresses how he misses his father, who passed away months before the release of his new album. It’s full of transparency and vulnerability shown through drum lines, electronic sounds and killer lyrics. 

Travis Baker, the drummer from Blink-182 doubled as an executive producer and drummer for the album, causing many fans to see the resemblance to the early 2000’s pop-punk Blink-182 used in their songs. As a Blink and Linkin Park fan, MGK was highly influenced when creating this emo-pop album. 

If you’re a Blink fan, “Concert for Aliens” may bring back deja vu to Blink’s 1999 album- “Enema of the State” with a supernatural presence seen throughout the album. “Concert for Aliens” explains his life as a rollercoaster and how he wants to “get off this rollercoaster,” with this year being full of ups and downs, I think most of us can agree we want off. 

All fifteen of his songs are perfectly performed, a lot of the songs having similar beats and melodies, all with different meanings. With songs like “Drunk Face”, “All I Know”, and “Nothing Inside”, the audience sees more of his pop side through the bass track and hook of the beat. With the features of some of the latest rising rappers-like Iann Dior and Trippie Redd, it further adds to this “hip-hop vibe” fans feel when listening to this album. While in songs like “Kiss Kiss”, “Lonely”, and “WWlll”, listeners get more of his alternative rock side, like Halsey’s feature in “Forget Me Toot”- a major throwback to Paramore’s album “Riot” with a similar feel and voice progression throughout the song. 

The album has mixed reviews, some saw it as pretty underwhelming and typical for the genre while others saw it as a musical breakthrough for the artist. Personally, I feel that the album was a perfect blend of past and present, which had me both reminiscing back to the early 00’s and excited for the use of genre blending throughout the album, with many musical crossovers. The combination of melodious structure and unapologetic lyrics, makes for a pleasing listening experience, which is why I believe it deserves an overall 8.5/10.