The LA Lakers are the 2020 Champions


by Oscar Alfaro, Reporter

The city of Los Angeles is thrilled to have their basketball team come back from the Orlando bubble, having so much emotion bringing back a title that could represent this city for a long time, all because of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

“I want my damn respect” said Lebron James after winning his fourth championship and Finals MVP. James also said that his coach and general manager want their respect too, and I get where he is coming from because other people thought that they weren’t going to win a championship with Lebron considering how he only does specific things in the game like driving for the whole game or being labeled as “weak” for complaining about soft calls. 

For Game six of the NBA finals, Lebron scored 28 points, ten assists and 14 rebounds. This shows that he provides for his team and also helps out his teammate Anthony Davis who scored 19 points, three assists and 15 rebounds. The first quarter was a big representation of how the Lakers offense was too much for the Miami Heat, and even though the series was three to two, the Lakers wanted to finish it tonight.  

During the NBA All Star weekend, Davis was interviewed and they asked if the Lakers were doing it for Kobe Bryant, and he said that they all talked about it as a team and that they were going to play for his legacy. The Lakers were first in the western conference record for the 2019-2020 season with 52 wins and 19 loses. This is an impressive record compared to the Millwake Bucks record in which they had 56 wins and 17 loses. The Lakers were struggling before Lebron and Davis had joined the team, but now they’re a team to look out for. 

In the playoffs, the Lakers had to face the Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. All those teams were even matchups for the Lakers, but were not on the same page and level as them. Laker nation should be proud of these players because they showed a lot of heart during the playoffs and even though we lost a legend during these tough times, we all knew that the Los Angeles Lakers made Kobe Bryant proud, and that this team will continue to represent the legacy he left.