Shows That Make You Feel Like You’re The Main Character


by Makayla Campbell, Reporter

Because the pandemic is still happening, most of us are missing the drama, romance, and memories that could happen if we were at school, or didn’t have to limit ourselves to the outside world. So now we must live vicariously through characters on a tv screen. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more streaming apps have dropped just enough shows for you to binge watch. 

“Julie and The Phantoms” directed by Kenny Ortega aka the guy who made “High School Musical”, the movie and tv show, “Descendants”, and more, just recently came out with this show that was released on September 10th 2020. 

The new show is rated TV-G, but it stars amazing actors such as Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Joyner, Jeremy Shada, Jadah Marie and more. 

The show follows a girl named Julie (played by Madison Reyes) whose mom has just passed and who loses her happiness in playing music. But one day, three ghosts that go by the name of Luke, Reggie, and Alex who died in an accident, and are coincidentally in a band called Sunset Curve, pop up at her house. 

They soon realize people can only see them when they perform, so they ask Julie to form a band with them called “Julie and the Phantoms”.With the help of her band, her dad and brother, and her best friend Flynn, who is played by Jadah Marie, help Julie gain her love for music again.  

The show also has an LGQBT+ character, Alex, who has a love interest Willie, who is played by Booboo Stewart.  As well as the romance between Julie and Luke, which grows over the 10 episodes is sure to fuel your gaping hole of romance. Besides romance, the show also has drama, a villain, and amazing songs.

“Romance was a fairly big part of the show because it was the main process of the two main characters’ development with each other,” said Tricia Capps, a junior at Palo Verde High School. 

This next show will make you choose whether you have fallen in love with Paris, or Emily. “Emily in Paris” takes place in the most romantic city of the world, aka Paris. 

Lily Collins who portrays Emily, goes to Paris for a marketing job at a high end marketing firm called Savoir. 

She goes there to give Savoir an American and new perspective, but her boss Sylvie, played by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, does not approve of her, and makes her job a nightmare. She moves into an apartment and finds out right below her lives her very attractive neighbor named Gabriel, who is acted out by Lucas Bravo. 

Emily is a very independent, hard working, and self achieving girl, but the show threw dark times at her, which made her feel out of place, but was overcome with many instances of hard work. 

The show is only 10 episodes that last about 3o minutes, but in every episode you either wanna cry or yell. It has romance, drama, and a few cliches. 

In addition, it has French culture, and doesn’t Americanize the French. Plus there is a diverse cast from Ashley Park who is Emily’s main best friend, her friend and foe Camille played by Camille Razat, and her enemies to besties Luc and Julien played by Bruno Gouery and Samuel Arnold. The show is rated TV-MA and was created by Darren Star. 

“What made me wanna watch Emily in Paris was what the main character,Emily,” said Nela Alispahic, a junior at Palo Verde. 

Last but not least, “Never Have I Ever”. “Never Have I Ever” is an interesting tv show because it’s funny, a bit cringy, and even a bit sad. 

It was created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, and stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnett, Jaren Lewison, Romana Young, Lee Rodriguz, and more. It is also rated TV-14 and has ten 23 minute episodes.  The show revolves around Devi, whose dad has just died and is going through a hard time to cope with her loss. She then makes a plan and tells her friends Eleanor and Fabiola who are hesitant about it, but then try to encourage her.

 Later on she becomes friends with her crush Paxton and they have a bumpy relationship, because Paxton is a jock that has commitment issues that have an impact on their friendship. There is also another love interest with Devi, which causes a big love triangle. 

Throughout the show, Devi tries to conquer school, her future with college, her identity of being American-Indian girl, the fragile balance of friendships and secrets, her relationship with her mother, and the internal conflict within herself. 

“My favorite part of the show is seeing Devi’s character development and learning life lessons without it being too cheesy,” said Ashley Plant, a sophomore at Palo. 

Overall all of the shows have unique characters, interesting plotlines, and an abundance of romances.