“The Boys” Season Two


by Luke Florence, Reporter

Rating: 9.5/10

Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg

Starring: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Anonthy Starr

Released: September 4,2020

MPAA Rating: 18+


“The Boys” season two is everything you could expect from Dan Trachtenberg’s dark sided tale of superheroes. 

As for the first season, there are no limits, and Amazon Prime has given full trust in the producers and directors of “The Boys”. All the gore, drama, plot-twists, and amazing acting has returned for season two.

It immediately kicks off with a meeting in the Vought tower discussing one of the problems that came to surface in season one. “The Boys” figured out that Superheroes weren’t just magically made by a gift from god, it was Vought, who made a substance called “Compound V”. 

Still lurking around in hideouts and abandoned stores, “The Boys” are now the most wanted terrorist group. Without their leader, Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban), “The Boys” are forced to keep hiding and try to figure out how they will continue to take down the Vought cooperation.

Hughie Campbell (played by Jack Quaid), one of the crew members of “The Boys”, feels betrayed and has lost all hope as everything seems to be crashing down on him.

The driving issue with the superheroes and the Vought cooperation is that they are way too powerful for their own good. Killing people without remorse, millions dead in the way just to stop one super villain. The Boys all have a background with the superheroes and that is why they are pushing to stop Vought before they get uncontrollable. 

The constant goal throughout Season 2 is to expose as much dirt as they can find on Vought and trust me it is very interesting what they find.

“My first impression of the show was bad at first because I wasn’t expecting so much gore, but the more I watched it had a purpose and at the end of the day I am a fan of The Boys,” said Elyssa Batalon, Sophomore at Palo Verde Highschool.

The reason why I would give “The Boys” a 9.5 is because of how much depth there is in this story. I am usually a person that likes to predict the plot as soon as I get an idea where it is headed, and this show shocks me each and every time. You will never be bored with this show and I can almost guarantee that. This is a rollercoaster of emotions when watching the show. Sometimes it will leave you disgusted, downhearted, cheerful, savage, and bewildered. 

“The Boys is the only show that I genuinely watched through without stopping… I just couldn’t get out of my bed!” exclaimed Blaze Hansen Sophomore at Palo Verde Highschool

The only negative that draws from having a perfect score is sometimes scenes are unnecessary, leaving plot holes that are to never be talked about again in further episodes. Even though this may seem bad, I understand it may be because they are just trying to build up new storylines for the already confirmed season three of “The Boys”.

“I kept seeing ads for it every time I logged into Youtube for this show, and at first glance it caught my attention. I already had Amazon Prime and nothing else to watch so I gave it a chance. I personally love the take on the superheroes. It was something new and fresh,” said Fabian Popov, Sophomore at Palo Verde Highschool.

Season two of “The Boys” is an incredible season, and did live up to the potential it was given throughout the media. Most definitely a recommendation to watch.