Socially Distanced Holidays


by Caroline Lemcke, Staff Reporter

This year, the holidays feel very different to many people. Without large social events, parties, and festive gatherings, the holiday season just isn’t the same. With many places closed and events cancelled, people are limited in what fun festivities they can partake in this winter. However, there are still some Covid-friendly activities you can enjoy with your friends and family to help you feel that holiday spirit.

Although many things this holiday season have changed, Downtown Summerlin has once again welcomed its annual ice skating rink, the Rock Rink, back. Covered by a string of lights and set behind an enormous Christmas tree, the Rock Rink offers a fun and festive way for people to get outside and enjoy time with friends and family. With a number of holiday songs and colored lights set in the background, skaters can still have a sense of that festive feeling.

 Skaters can also enjoy a cup of hot cocoa from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s mobile coffee truck, or take a ride on the children’s holiday train that runs around the rink. 

Palo Verde sophomore Jameson Norcross gives an insight of her experience, stating “It was super fun and I’ll definitely go back. Because of Covid they only allowed 30 people on the ice at a time which is super nice, and it’s less crowded.”

Due to Covid, tickets must be purchased in advance. Each ticket allows for 75 minutes of skating time for visitors. The rink closes on January 18, so make sure to get your skates on while you still can!

Another holiday activity that is open for people to enjoy while being socially distanced is the Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Speedway. 2.5 miles long, the speedway boasts a large display of sparkling lights and signs. Viewers can sit in their cars and tune in to the Speedway’s radio to listen to holiday songs as they drive through the displays. 

The Speedway is a fun, Covid-friendly activity that is perfect for family outings, hangouts with friends, or even cozy date nights. 

One more popular winter activity that you can enjoy is a quick trip to Mount Charleston. About 45 minutes from the Summerlin area, the recreation area boasts a number of hiking trails, camping sites, and a ski resort. 

The Lee Canyon ski resort is very popular with skiers and snowboarders looking for a place to shred on the slopes. With 24 snow trails and 3 lifts, visitors can still have a day of fun in the snow while being less than an hour away from home. 

There are also other snowy activities to enjoy on the mountain besides skiing and snowboarding. Visitors can go sledding in the open areas without trees, as well as build snowmen or have snowball fights. 

Although the holiday season just doesn’t have the same cheer and joy in the air as it usually does, people can still find ways to improvise and make the most of it. Hopefully these activities will help you and your loved ones enjoy the holidays just as much as you used to, and still find happiness in these tough times.