Why HBO Max is The New Streaming Service to Get


by Luke Florence, Reporter

As a result of the circumstances of the past few months, all around the world people have been quarantined, and this led to creative ways to entertain yourself and others in your home.

One way people entertained themselves and others in their household was binge watching. For services like Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, and many more, statistics were off the charts regarding subscriptions and watch time. One company missing out on the streaming service game was HBO, but as HBO does they do not stay down for long.

On May 27th HBO released their new streaming service called HBO Max for 14.99$/month or 69.99$/year. This streaming service at launch had a crunchyroll collection for all you anime lovers, an adult swim collection for all your animation needs, and of course an abundance of your all time classic movies that HBO offers. 

So why should you decide to get another streaming service for the price of 14.99$/month? The one thing that is clearly making HBO Max above the others is that all of the new movies that are coming to the theater are going to be on HBO Max. To start off a jam packed 2021 movie schedule is going to be the “Little Things” a movie starring one of the favorites Denzel Washington. In this cop thriller Denzel is on the hunt for a serial killer coming out on January 28, 2021.

Other movies coming out include, “Godzilla vs King Kong”, “Tom and Jerry”, “Mortal Kombat”, “The Conjuring”, “The Devil Made Me Do It”, “Matrix 4”, “The Sucicide Squad”, and trust me that isn’t even close to all of the blockbuster movies coming out in 2021 exclusively in theaters and HBO Max.

Palo Verde Sophomore William Stambaugh said, “I am excited for the new ‘Matrix’. I have been a fan of the franchise all of my life and not to forget the ‘Godzilla vs King Kong’ movie.” 

If you subscribe to HBO or have a qualifying wireless, TV, or internet service with AT&T, you can get the HBO Max app at no additional charge.  This includes Cox and Amazon prime members. 

Palo Verde Sophomore Brianna Murphy said, “When I heard ‘Wonder Woman’ came out for HBO Max I knew I had to get it. What really shocked me was that I signed in for free with my AT&T account. Plus there is no extra cost for these movies!”

So what are you waiting for? See if you qualify for an HBO Max membership for free or see if you got an extra 15 bucks laying around for these blockbuster movies.