Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


by Malia Ishibashi, Reporter

We all know that Valentine’s Day is known for love, cupid, candy, hugs, etc. Although, Covid-19 has put a dent in Valentine’s Day, there are still cute gift ideas you may want to give to your family, partner, friends, teachers, and more. Covid-19 guidelines express that it’s not safe for people to go out for unnecessary items, but you could still shop online and ship or mail the gifts. 

Kayla McLee, an eleventh grader at Palo Verde High School, “said A Valentine’s gift I would want is chocolate hearts, and more valentines day candies.” has Valentines candies that are all under twenty dollars. To help look for Valentine’s gifts, there is a tab called “Valentine’s Day Gift Shop”. Once you click that tab, it takes you to so many categories containing all Valentine’s Day themed gift ideas. 

There are some expensive things in there, but there are also some affordable cute gifts. If you are searching for jewelry that’s under $20, there is an “Amazon Essentials Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings (Round & Princess)” that’s sold and shipped by Amazon. 

There are a variety of other styles that are still under $20. Candy and cards are always a cute Valentine gift to receive, and Amazon also has plenty of candy for ten-dollars or less paired with funny cards. 

Amazon has a matching bracelet set that is $9.99 sold by Believe London Jewelry., in the Valentines Day category, listed the prices from $10 to over $200.  

If you want to get yourself or someone else any kind of beauty gifts, Ulta is the way to go. Ulta has deals everyday. If you are looking for perfume that is less than $50, I would recommend the “Cloud Eau de Parfum” by Ariana Grande. The smallest size goes for$44. It also comes with a gift of purchase.

If you are looking for a perfume that is expensive, but still under $100, then the Versace “Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette” is $60 for the smallest size. The “I Want Choo Eau De Parfum” by Jimmy Choo is new at Ulta with a price of $65 for the smallest size. There are plenty of more brands such as Armani, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and more. 

If you are looking for a cologne at Ulta, the cheapest cologne with a good brand is MontBlanc’s “Explorer Eau de Parum”. A Versache cologne called “Eros Eau de Toilette” is $72 for the smallest size. There is a new cologne by Tiffany & Co. called “Le Male Eau de Toilette” that is $77 for the smallest size.

 Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be about buying things, you could also make them as a craft. Stephen Rouse, a tenth grader at Palo Verde High School said “I like to do crafts with my friends and family.” 

Michaels also has many crafts for Valentine’s Day. There is a 20% off coupon that’s only valid through their online store and in store that ends on January 30,  2021. If you want to have your items the same day, but don’t want to go in public because of Covid-19 guidelines, then you could always pick up your items through curbside pickup.  

Michaels is a great art store because they have endless ideas full of crafts that are easy and fun with deals everyday. Baking is so much fun and is also so easy, and Michaels has a section for Valentine’s baking. On their website,, they have a Valentine’s tab that makes it even easier to shop for the perfect gift. 

If you would like to get yourself or anyone else a sweatshirt or any kind of clothing for men or women, Macy’s has a huge clearance sale going on that’s 40% off and more. The sale is for women and men accessories, beauty items, kids and baby items, furniture, bed and bath, and home items. 

Valentine’s Day gifts can always be easy. Searching for the perfect gift can be challenging, but searching in the right places with a big selection such as or Michaels can make it much easier. 

With a plentiful selection of gifts and stores to choose from, Valentine’s day may be a holiday for you to easily enjoy regardless of the Covid-19 dread.