Audiences Fight For & Critics Run From “Run Hide Fight”


by Abbie Millman, Editor-in-Chief

Rating: 9.5/10

Directed by: Kyle Rankin

Starring: Isabel May, Eli Brown, Olly Sholotan, Thomas Jane, and Radha Mitchell. (And many more)

Release Date: January 14, 2021

MPAA Rating: N/A


This January, “The Daily Wire” took their first step into entertainment and film with the premiere of “Run Hide Fight”. Taking a jab at the heavily politically left dominated entertainment industry, the conservative news and opinions website created one of the most contradictory received films of all time

17-year-old high school senior Zoey Hull (played by Isabel May) has just lost her mother to Cancer and is barely dragging herself towards the finish line of high school. Ultimately isolated from everyone, including her father, Zoey’s lone standing relationship is with her best friend Lewis Washington (played by Olly Sholotan).

The same day that she bitterly claims, “this is high school. Nothing that happens here matters in the real world,” Zoey finds herself amidst a school shooting, orchestrated by a quartet of students, the ring leader being Tristan Voy (played by Eli Brown- recognized by many for his upcoming role in the “Gossip Girl” reboot).

At that turning point, Zoey, who was taught by her father (played by Thomas Jane) how to hunt, decides she will not fall victim to armed mass murderers. Instead, she uses her fierce wits and impeccable will to fight back, with a mirage of her late mother (played by Radha Mitchell) by her side.

From the perspective of an average student, and not some odd-ball movie critic, this film was a breath of fresh air. Blowing distasteful productions like “13 Reasons Why” out of the park, “Run Hide Fight” notably adds realistic elements to the film, such as the actors’ reactions to the use of real guns, while keeping the spotlight on the hero rather than romanticizing the shooter.

Something that truly stood out to me was the utilization of technology. Tristan demanded every student being held captive to take out their phones and start a live stream in the hopes of gaining publicity. Once news spread, he instructed Lewis, who had the most viewers on his live, to be the only student recording a live stream.

Not only is this layer of modern technology in that situation extremely possible, but even the way that the teachers and students reacted were identical to personal experiences. This makes sense, as a mass shooting safety expert performed as a consultant behind the scenes.

Another revitalizing quality to the film was the impartial script. Especially during quarantine, subscription services like Netflix have a monopoly over the entertainment industry, while not even attempting to hide any political bias with disgustingly “woke” films such as “Cuties”, which some say encourages pedophilia.

Just recently Netflix has increased their prices from $12.99/mo to $13.99/mo and (premium) $15.99/mo to $17.99/mo. By entering the entertainment industry, “The Daily Wire”, with competitive prices such as the $4/mo standard plan and a $12/mo “Insider” plan (which includes their “iconic” “Leftist Tears” tumbler for free), may be a popular alternative.

The all-over-the-map reaction to this film may qualify as a source of entertainment itself. With critics attacking the film in every way possible, audiences have had a polar-opposite reaction.

On the Rotten Tomatoes website alone, critics gave the “Run Hide Fight” a 27% while audiences total up to 93%.

Political bias is not only suspected, but at this point is practically proven given the  variation between critics’ ratings and audiences’ ratings. Regarding the film previously mentioned, “Cuties”, Rotten Tomatoes critics awarded it a 87% while google users averaged at 6%. Previously the ratings from google users for “Run Hide Fight” sat at an 98%, until the option to review and the percentage as a whole was just recently taken down. I wonder why.

Although the film did not have a sufficient budget, that may have contributed to the realisticness of it even more. Profoundly impressed with the message, production, and unique perspective of the movie, I give “Run Hide Fight” a 9.5/10. From a Disney movie and historical-drama-loving high school student, I can proudly say that this is the first action-thriller movie I have ever enjoyed. The film reveals a horrific threat that every student in American schools face today, which is why I would recommend “Run Hide Fight” to anyone, especially students and adults.