“To All The Boys: Always and Forever” Review


by Makayla Campbell, Reporter

TV MMA : TV-14

Rating : 7/10
Release date : February 12, 2021

Director :  Michael Fimognari


Netflix dropped the final movie in the “To All The Boys” trilogy, titled “To All The Boys: Always and Forever”. It mainly consists of the same cast: Lana Condor as Lara Jean, Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky, Anna Cathart as Kitty, etc. There are new characters such as Henry Thomas who is Peter’s dad. 

The movie starts off with Lara and Peter talking as Lara and her family are in South Korea. While they are, Kitty meets a boy named Dae, and there is a spark of romantic interest between them. 

After their trip, they come back to California, and Lara and Peter are absolutely tied to the hip. It is their senior year, so they are obviously buzzing about the topic of college. They have a plan, where because Peter got into Stanford, Lara will too, and she’ll go there with him. Throughout the movie we see how this affects their relationship. 

Lara Jean checks her college applications, and she does not get into Stanford, but doesn’t tell Peter because she is scared that they will break up. 

Later on, their class visits New York City, which eventually leads to Lara Jean visiting NYU and going to a party there. She ends up falling in love with the city. She then tells Peter, and he’s hurt, which results in them stopping talking.

 Now at this point of the movie, everything was very foreshadowed as to what was going to happen. It also took far too long for Peter to get over himself. Plus did they really have to make Peter (who got in with an athletic scholarship, but who is the stereotypical jock with bad grades) get into Stanford? Yeah, that part was bad. 

Throughout the movie, Kitty talked about how her relationship with Dae was going, but the movie lacked on their relationship progression. However Lara Jean’s father and his romantic interest from the first movie (played by Lisa Durupt) got engaged and we see them planning and having their wedding at the end of the movie.

After the trip, Lara Jean gets into NYU, and ultimately decides to go there. It hurts Peter, but eventually he does a big romantic gesture, and they end up together again, so everything is fine. 

Now to dissect the movie, it was overall enjoyable and an easy watch. The plot was well done and executed, but lacked certain elements. The way Peter’s dad came in was just random and didn’t fit. The dad came in just so Lara would feel guilty for the way she feels since Peter was going through personal things. Plus Gen (the former mean girl from the first movie) and Lara became friends, which felt forced. 

Lastly, Chris, played by Madeleine Arthur, and Trevor, played by Ross Butler, continued to flirt and have some interest in each other, but it was never pursued much. There was also some flirting between them in the second movie, and this movie just continued it. Even though they just flirted which was fine and cute, I was hoping for more.  So in conclusion, I rate it a 7 out of 10.