Bruno Mars “Leave the Door Open”


by Malia Ishibashi, Reporter

Release Date: March 5, 2021

Artist: Bruno Mars

My Rating: 8/10

Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, and Silk Sonic released a new song on March 5, 2021 called “Leave the Door Open”. This song is four minutes long, and the genre of this song is R&B/Soul, which is much different from Bruno Mars’s past music. 

He is best known for his pop songs such as “Just the Way You Are”, “24K Magic”, “That’s What I Like”, “When I Was Your Man”, and more. Bruno Mars releases music in quick successions then disappears from the media until he releases another hit. Fans have been waiting for new music of his since 2016. 

In interviews, Bruno Mars has shown his love for a broad selection of genres. It’s not a surprise that his new release is an R&B/Soul song. However it is a surprise that the song sounds like a 70’s love song. Many fans love this new side of Mars. Mars may have even gained a new generation of fans because of this 70’s love song feel. 

With the song “Leave the Door Open” being a love song, it’s similar to one of his past songs, “Versace on the Floor”, that comes from his album “24K Magic” in 2016. I found this song good, but not the same as his originals which come from his 2012 album “Unorthodox Jukebox”. 

I am a fan of the 70’s love songs, but I would’ve liked to hear the 70’s R&B/Soul love songs mixed with some modern day instruments or sound effects to appeal to all of the generations. 

Releasing this song during the pandemic is good timing because COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in some states, which means concerts and such will most likely come back soon. Hopefully, everything will go back to normal soon so his fans can go to his concerts in the future. 

The lyrics from the song are good, the diction of the song is great, and the melody/instrumentation of the song are fantastic.

Overall, the song would be an 8/10 because I would’ve liked to hear some modern technology mixed into the song that would make it sound more upbeat like “Versace on the Floor”, While still having an essence of the 70’s R&B/Soul. 

I would love to hear more of this kind of music from him, as well as if he is going to stay in this range of music.