Spotting a “Red Dot” on Netflix


by Adria Wells, Reporter

Directed By: Alain Darborg

Starring: Nanna Blondell, Anastasios Soulis, Johannes Kuhnke, and Kalled Mustonen (plus many more)

Release Date: February 11, 2021

MPAA Rating: TV-MA


The commonly used phrase “expect the unexpected” are wise words to live by, as it instructs one to always be prepared for anything. In Netflix’s new and suspenseful Swedish movie “Red Dot”, released February 11, 2021, and directed by Alain Darborg, that particular phrase is exactly what’s taught all throughout the film.

Starring Nanna Blondell as Nadja and Anastasios Soulis as David, the film takes viewers on a journey of a couple attempting to repair their crumbling marriage. With a baby on the way, they are more determined than ever to do better with one another, and decide to take a hiking trip together.

As one dives deeper into this thriller, they will be hanging on the very edge of their seat. If you begin to believe you know what’s going to happen or what is already happening, you’re most likely going to be wrong. There is a rich amount of unexpected twists in the plot of this adrenaline-fueled piece of work. 

When the couple Nadja and David approach their camping spot with their dog under the Northern lights along a secluded hiking trail, things turn dark quickly, as a mysterious person hidden in the woods begins to shoot at their tent. The couple runs for their lives, but is forced to leave their dog behind to attempt to make it to safety. 

They are unsuccessful because David left their car keys in the tent that they were running from. This leads them to discover that their dog had been killed and that they were to be rigorously hunted in the woods together. They have various assumptions on who may be their mysterious hunter, but all of them end up wrong.

True to expecting the unexpected, it is revealed that the couple are being punished for a crime they had committed in the past years ago. Their shooter was looking for vengeance that no amount of time could seem to heal for him.

The entirety of this film was dark and suspenseful, and although the English dub does not line up very well with the actions, it is still an exceptional movie when it is watched in Swedish. Not a single second goes by when you’re not second guessing your predictions, making it all around interesting and all the more thrilling and enthralling. Viewers begin to see that learning to expect the unexpected isn’t as easy as it sounds.