“A Week Away” Review


by Makayla Campbell, Reporter


Directed by: Roman White 

Starring: Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, and Kat Conner Sterling. (And many more)

MPAA Rating: TV-PG

Release date: March 26th, 2021

A new Netflix romance and coming of age movie-musical called “A Week Away” was released on March 26, 2021, starring Avery, played by Bailee Madison, William, played by Kevin Quinn, and many others.

The movie starts off with Will, running away from a cop because he stole a cop car. We then learn that Will has a past of breaking laws and rules, and that he is an orphan as both of his parents are dead. 

Will then is told by his lawyer that he will go to juvenile prison if he chooses to not go to a church camp called Aweegaway, and so he ends up choosing camp. When they reach camp, we meet the other main characters. Avery, Will, Sean (played by Iain Tucker), George (played by Jahbril Cook), and Presley (played by Kat Conner Sterling). 

The movie also displays the love interests for each character, and the type of character they are. Sean is the annoying overachiever, who has a crush on Avery who, the daughter of the camp owner, and who is also the main character’s Will love interest. 

We also meet the male nerd, and Will’s best friend, George, and his love interest Presley, who is the female nerd. Only 2o minutes into the movie and about four songs have been sung which I personally think is a bit much. 

There are tribes in the camp, and the main focus of the tribe is to win at the end of camp. 

Will gets assigned into the Verdes group, and ends up being in the same group as George. They play trivial games called warrior games and gain points.

Later in the movie, Avery and Will hang out together at Avery’s secret hideout and talk. Avery reveals her past, unveils her secrets, and they flirt (and of course they sing). This duet between them showed them opening up to each other about struggling with their identities, and the cinematography was notably extremely pretty. This scene was truly enjoyable, as the audience saw the characters open up and reveal their feelings for each other. 

Some of the camp activities were in montages with a song being played over it, which was a bit confusing and hard to watch. 

Later on, everyone is gathered around the campfire and sings a song about God. At this point, Will accepts God and sings with Avery, as they have a bonding moment; not only about God, but also about losing a parent. 

Now we are at the end of the movie. Sean confronts Will, and tells him that he knows who Will is while calling him a fraud, giving him the ultimatum to tell Avery or he will. 

Will soon leaves, and George, Avery, and Presley find out the truth about Will while he packs his clothes and leaves, even though he knows juvie awaits him.

Avery finds him, and gives him another ultimatum. He says that their relationship meant nothing to him, resulting in Avery deserting him. Will then sings, admitting that he does love her, and that his camp feels like home, so he begins to walk back. 

We all saw this coming. He comes back, and tells Avery that their relationship meant everything, followed by a cute kiss scene. Will goes on stage to perform with his best friend George and the rest of the tribe. In the end, his tribe Verdes wins. 

In the last 10 minutes of the movie, all of the characters say they will come back next year to see Avery. George and Presley finally admit they have feelings for each other. George’s mom, who is his adopted mom, tells Will that she adopted him. Will gladly accepts it, and the movie ends with a closing of a song. 

The movie was a bit confusing at certain parts because I had no idea when they were singing if only the main cast saw it, or if everyone was seeing it. Furthermore, the dancing was mediocre, and the transitions between scenes were a bit weird and confusing. I didn’t know when new scenes started and ended. 

My rating  is  a 6/10. The romance basically saved the movie, and the plot was overall predictable, but it was enjoyable and the songs were decent.